With the mighty GT4780 exhaling 36 psi, relieving backpressure on the hot side was a big concern. Backpressure not only causes pumping losses that sacrifice power, but the restriction that creates the backpressure can be a source of heat. A huge Autobanh-built five-inch downpipe ensures that even gale force winds can be quickly evacuated from the turbine housing. Once out of the housing, spent gasses continue out a custom Autobanh five-inch exhaust system. That's right. It's a five-inch exhaust from turbine to tip. Tommy also saw fit to put the squeeze on the 2JZ with a direct-port nitrous NOS setup jetted to 180hp.

Making power is about burning fuel and to generate four-digit power you have to be hosing the cylinders with gasoline. Tommy is running a super high flow Walbro pump, custom Autobanh fuel rail and 165 lb/hr injectors from Precision Turbo & Engine. At 165 lb/hr, that's a mind blowing 1732 in cc speak, the Precision injectors are the largest the company offers and are damn near a fire hose. The 2JZ-GTE has a capable ignition system and Tommy elected to add only a HKS DL-I amplifier box.

Even the choicest of part combinations can be reduced to mediocrity with a Stone Age tuning scheme. Tommy cleared this hurdle with room to spare, employing the tried-and-proven AEM EMS plug-and-play stand-alone engine control system and a gifted tuner. Autobanh installed the unit, and Justin Nenni of Austin, Texas' Tuning Concepts worked his magic on the keyboard. Justin has tuned a number of high-horsepower Supras including Peter Blach's four-digit whip and a number of t04r.com power chart superstars. "After the motor was broken in on the dyno and it had 300 miles of street driving under its belt," Tommy says, "we were ready to tune the car. After about 10 passes on the dyno Justin was able to get the baseline tuned with a minimum of 30 psi. The car made right at the 1000-whp mark. With 36 psi we managed to get 1128 whp with a fairly heat soaked motor. With this setup, the turbo starts to spool at about 3000 rpm and it pushes full street boost (30psi) at 5800 rpm. The 1128 whp was achieved with boost only and the motor revved safely to 10,000 rpm. Peak torque was 770 lb-ft."

Going balls to the walls for a flat mile does put a strain on the suspension. So Tommy installed a set of Tein coilovers to keep the Toyota planted. The brakes are stock Supra, the transmission is the original Getrag six-speed fortified with a Tilton triple carbon clutch and lightened flywheel combination. The diff is a TRD piece, and the drivetrain runs a custom driveshaft. The Supra tears at the pavement with a huge contact patch created by 305/35-18 Nitto NT555Rs mounted on 18x11.5 CCW 505s. Up front 18x10 505s, which look like BMW M-Parallels with their five twin spoke design, are joined by 275/35-18 Nittos. No real innovation under the car, a testament to how strong the Supra is right out of the box.

Body tuning has been kept minimal as well with the addition of Stillen side skirts, a modified Wings West front lip and a vented TRD hood. Modena Autoworks of Houston installed the body parts and freshened up the stock Anthracite paint.

Inside, Tommy made the appropriate safety moves. A sweet 10-point roll cage with driver and passenger swing outs to keep ingress and egress easy for the street was installed. The cage is approved for 8.5-second quarter mile e.t.s. Leather-wrapped Sparco Milano II bucket seats and Simpson harnesses are the only other interior upgrades, save a few well-placed gauges.

The machine still sees the road on a semi-regular basis. "The car is running around the streets of Houston with low boost," Tommy says. "And since there's nothing on the streets of Houston that can keep up with this monster, I have to find fun with 1000cc-plus motorcycles. It's known as the Bike Killer." When you're picking on two-wheelers you really are living big in Texas.

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