The turbocharger system uses twin Precision TE PT76 turbos, each hung on custom Underground Racing exhaust manifolds that are fed by opposing five-cylinder banks. A fitting was constructed to accommodate the TiAL external wastegate, routing exhaust gases into custom stainless-steel side exhausts and Burns Stainless four-inch mufflers.

TiAL is also responsible for the blow-off valves, one of the few visible indicators of boost under the Viper's hood. Custom polished charge piping by Underground Racing is used to feed a single front-mount intercooler setup before entering an Extrude Hone'd stock intake manifold. A higher cooling ceiling is achieved with the use of a Fluidyne aluminum radiator and an oil cooler from a late model SRT10 Viper.

Aeromotive external race pumps and fuel filters keep the Viper's custom aluminum fuel rails fed, which is always a good thing considering the hefty 96lb/hr. fuel injectors used in this situation. AEM's EMS standalone ECU is used to tune this machine with 1156whp available on 91-octane pump gas and 1546whp on tap when using C16 race gas. The EMS is set to ramp up boost toward 29psi relative to the car's speed, although a Blitz boost controller is on tap for those rare situations when Weaver needs to dial in a single boost setting.

The Viper's stock six-speed transmission has stood up against four-digit power so far, although the stock clutch was changed out for a McLeod twin-disc unit. A Quaife limited-slip differential rests in the rear pumpkin, and Weaver went ahead and made the jump to Mark Williams CV-style halfshafts. He tells us that the Viper has proven itself to be both robust and reliable, even under the incredible strain that a twin-turbo V-10 and Weaver's heavy right foot regularly dish out.

Upon return from North Carolina, Weaver and Leading Edge Performance set about adding the requisite safety items. Baer six-piston monoblock brakes rest at all four corners, equipped with race pads and massive 14-inch, two-piece brake rotors. Covering the Baer binders are 19-inch HRE 547 wheels and Michelin Pilot Sport tires, sized 275/30/19 front and 345/30/19 rear. Weaver also fit his Dodge with Penske double-adjustable coilover shocks, which were custom valved and setup for drag racing. Trust us, when you've got this much power on tap, big brakes and good tires are considered necessary safety items.

Designed solely with the pursuit of speed in mind, this Dodge Viper GTS has been set up to hook up and maximize the use of its incredible power. In fact, Weaver anticipates that this full-interior, nearly 3500lb snake has the potential to go 180mph in the quarter mile, a claim that is backed up by his installation of a 8.5-second NHRA certified rollcage and parachute. Consider this a warning shot to all you Hayabusa riders: Watch your backs.

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