One particular phone call to the dealership, which Jake was skeptical of at this point, included the statement: "Let an associate of mine build the motor, he is more than capable of building a 1000hp Skyline motor." This was the trigger for the 1000hp desire that would ultimately be the goal of Jake's project R33. The wheel was spun and the needle ultimately landed on the only other person in the United States supposedly capable of building a 1000hp RB26 (to be left nameless). "I told him I had a Supra that ran 10.32@141 and I wanted to better that time with my new Skyline," Jake said. The response he got was "Here's what you do kid. You send the car to me and write me a check for $100,000. Then I'll build you a car that runs faster than 10.32 @ 141. You can't build a 1000hp GT-R in the states without me. It will never be done." And the 1000hp goal officially became a mission, to prove it could be done.

One last call to the dealership led to the mention of a motor builder by the name of Wakita, and after some checking in the GT-R community, the consensus was that Wakita was the man for the job. Reluctantly, Jake shipped his car back to California for another attempt at life for his car with the stipulation that no one but Wakita was to touch the car. Three months later, with no calls from California, the nerves started again. Jake finally got in touch with his builder who questioned Jake's intended setup, and convinced him to sell everything and let them take charge of the build.

"I almost had a heart attack, but at this point I was so frustrated that I broke down and said fine, just build the car," Jake said. "If we are going to do it this way, make it the most extreme GT-R this country has ever seen, no questions asked. I basically gave him an open checkbook build." This is a bold statement from anyone, especially when his car and the shop building it are over 1000 miles away. It was time to go to Cali unannounced and make a surprise visit to Blast Racing.

The magicians at Blast Racing, Wakita and Naoto, were shocked to see Jake walk through the door, but to Jake's surprise they had a number of parts already purchased and the build started. While in California Jake and Naoto ordered the roll cage and planned the interior layout. Every month Jake would receive pictures of new parts bought or fabricated for the Skyline, and every few months Jake would send a check. At nine months Jake put his foot down, it was time for the Skyline to be born and shown for the first time at HIN Kansas City.

Another flight back to Blast Racing for the final pickup and dyno pulls were scheduled. But an injector issue caused flooding and kept the car off the dyno. Crushed at this point, it was time for Naoto to come to Kansas City and tune on the Dieman Motorsports Dyno after the HIN show. With the injector issue fixed, the car laid down a sad 812hp @ 34 lbs of boost. "I was dejected," Jake said. Thankfully Naoto was unhappy as well and returned to California determined to figure out what the problem was. After two weeks, Naoto called back suggesting that the car needed a bigger intercooler; and Jake turned back to Erik at Procharger for direction. During a House of Boost outcall mod session in someone's garage, Erik introduced Jake to Scott Sweat of No Sweat Welding. With the new intercooler designed, built and installed, it was time for Naoto to come back to Kansas City.

After a little tweaking by Naoto, the first pull posted up a 1016 @ 2.1 kilo. The mission was accomplished, but Naoto wasn't done. Slowly turning up the boost and fine-tuning the ECU, every pass was over 1000hp. Jake was finally at rest with his investment, and Naoto was ready to go the full 2.3 kilo and see what the dyno had to say. The number was beyond anyone's expectations, 1133awhp with 670.9 lb-ft of torque. Naoto and Jake had completed the build on what would represent their collective dreams of what an R33 should be: 1133awhp with A/C, power steering, and a backseat - and in Kansas City. Now the Midwest is making a comeback, one car at a time. So Supras beware if you roll up on a Skyline west of the Mississippi. You may be in for a surprise. Visit to view the video of the final 1133hp dyno pull.

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