When your nickname is "Mr. Exciting," you know you've been delivering to the crowd. Having more than proven his skill in one drift competition after another, Yasuyuki Kazama is looking forward to taking many more D1 championships. Plus, with the power and reliability of this fully built S15 Nissan Silvia at his command, Kazama should have no problems sliding circles around the competition.

S15 Nissan Silvia Spec-R

Base Engine: Sr20det, Output: 508.9hp, 456.4lb/Ft, Boost: 21psi, 2.2l Displacement (87mm Bore, 92mm Stroke), Nismo R1 R-Tune Concept Engine, Nismo Prototype Crankshaft, Nismo Prototype Connecting Rods, Nismo Prototype Pistons, Nismo Prototype Sleeves, Nismo 1.2mm Head Gasket, Hks Gt3037 Pro S Turbocharger (56t Trim, 0.87 A/R, Nismo One-Off Stainless-Steel Exhaust Manifold, Nismo One-Off Turbo Outlet Elbow, Auto Produce Boss 80mm Titanium Downpipe, Auto Produce Boss 90mm Titanium Exhaust, K&N Air Filter, Auto Produce Boss 80mm Aluminum Intake Pipe, Nissan Z32 (Fairlady/300zx) Maf, Nismo 272-Degree Camshafts, Nismo Prototype Valves , Nismo Prototype Valve Springs, 60mm Non-Turbo Silvia Throttle Body, Auto Produce Boss 890cc/Min Fuel Injectors, Auto Produce Boss Fuel Rail, Nismo Fuel Pump, Ngk Spark Plugs, Auto Produce Boss Tuned Ecu, Nismo, Aluminum Radiator, Radiator Overflow Bottle, Nismo, High-Pressure Radiator Cap, Nismo Front-Mount IntercoolerAuto Produce Boss Intercooler Piping, Nismo Oil Cooler Kit, Aluminum Oil Catch Can, Nismo Catalytic Converter, Nismo Oil, Filler Cap, Motul Motor Oil, Japanese Premium Fuel

Nismo Six-Speed Transmission
Nismo Super Coppermix Clutch
Nismo Super Coppermix Pressure Plate
Nismo Gt Pro Limited-Slip Differential
Motul Differential Fluid
Motul Transmission Fluid

Dg-5 Coilovers
Dg-5 Springs (9kg/Mm Front, 7kg/Mm Rear)
Pillowball Front Upper Mount Camber Plates
Nismo Front Tower Bar

Four-Piston Brembo Fixed Brake Calipers
Nismo Brake Rotors
Nismo Brake Pads

Wheels & Tires
Prodrive Gc-010g Wheels
Bridgestone Potenza Re-01r Tires
Sized 245/40/17 Front And 265/35/18 Rear

Gp Sports Bodykit
Sard Carbon Fiber Rear Gt Wing

Nismo 280km/H Combination Speedometer
Bride Gardis Iii Seats
Prodrive/Sabelt Four-Point Harnesses
Prodrive/Sparco Steering Wheel
Nismo Gt Shift Knob
Blitz Sbc-Id Boost Controller
Blitz R-Vit Type Ii
Kenwood Doube-Din Headunit
Battery Cut-Off Switch
Dual Fire Extinguishers
Six-Point Roll Cage

Auto Produce Boss Bridgestone Tires
4879 E. La Palma Ave. Ste. 206
CA  92807
13401 S. Main St.
Los Angeles
CA  90061
Bride/Tee's USA Motul