This layout has performed flawlessly, and the Z has been ripping up Car V2's dyno, routinely laying down 500 whp and 500 lb-ft of torque. Turning up the wick from 15 psi to 18 psi produces a jump to 565 whp and 576 lb-ft using 93 octane pump gas. For the truly insane, the use of C16 fuel allows an incredible 24 pounds of boost and lets this Z belt out 624 whp and 674 lb-ft of torque.

Most shocking of all is that all this power is achieved with a stock crankshaft and cylinder heads. The cams and throttle bodies have not been touched, and show no sign that they need to be. The car has been operating flawlessly, always starting on the first crank and spinning lean and clean every day. Aside from a pair of Ergo seats from Bride, and the obligatory handful of aftermarket gauges and meters, the Z is as comfortable as stock on the inside. The exterior, complete with the C-West carbon-fiber skirt kit, now sports a purposeful and aggressive appearance.

Keeping all this power in check is no easy task, but the massive rotors and 4-pot calipers found on StopTech's Big Brake kit are up to the task. The car's road manners are primarily controlled courtesy of Tein's Type Flex coilovers and Michelin Pilot Sport tires wrapped around some SF Challenge wheels from Volk Racing. The end result is a frighteningly powerful, yet daily-drivable, beast of a Z. It seems that through the good folks at Car V2, the twin turbo Z-car truly lives again, and it's a sight to behold.

Specs: 2003 nissan 350Z
624 whp, 674 lb-ft of torque
CP - XT Pro Prototype PistonsForged 8.5:1
Crower Billet Rods
ARP Head Studs / Main Studs
GReddy - Twin 18G Turbo System
Tial - 38mm External Waste Gates
AAM Waste Gate Relocation Kit
HKS - Type-II Racing Blowoff Valve
GReddy 3 Row Front Mount Intercooler
GReddy Oil Catch Tank
TurboXS - UTEC EMS and 4 BAR MAP Sensor
AAM - Return Fuel Rail System
Billet Fuel Rails
AAM- MaxFlow Big Pump Upgrade Race-Spec " Swirl Tank Fuel System
RC Engineering - 750cc Fuel Injectors
Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator
AAM - 3" Race-Spec Downpipes
CarV2 - Custom 3" Y-Pipe
JIC-Magic - Single Sided 3" Race Exhaust
NGK - Iridium Spark Plugs
Hondata VQ35 Lower Plenum Heat Shield
Sun - Hyper Earth Grounding Kit
ARC Titanium Radiator Panel
RPS - Stage 3 Clutch
CYN-R-G Flywheel

JIC-Magic Carbon-Fiber Strut Bar
StopTech - Big Brake Kit 355mm / 4 Pot F / R " Brake Kit
Tein - Type Flex Coilovers
Volk Racing - SF Challenge Wheels
Michelin - Pilot Sport Tires

C-West - Carbon-Fiber Skirt Body Kit
JDM Z33 Fairlady Smoke Side Markers

Blitz - FATT DC3 Turbo Timer
Blitz - SBC-ID Boost Controller
Blitz - Power Meter-ID
PLX - Wideband O2 Meter
Defi - 60mm Boost / EGT Gauges
Defi - Control Unit II
Bride - Ergo Seat / Harness

CP Pistons
531 Spectrum Circle
CA  93030
3333 Main St.
Chula Vista
CA  91911-5899
GReddy C-West USA
Altered Atmosphere
TurboXS Volk
Walbro Michelin