Fine-tuning is Spoon's specialty and the yellow-topped FC20 sitting in the engine bay perfectly illustrates this. Almost everything looks factory, only a few details like the carbon-Kevlar plug cover and air guide hint that this is no ordinary Honda engine. Take a close look and you will notice the skillfully welded exhaust manifold that connects to the twin-exit main N1 exhaust system. Most of the work, however, has been done to the engine, which has been carefully rebuilt with painstaking attention to detail. All engine components have been finely balanced and fitted with finer tolerances assuring the best possible performance at all engine revolutions. The head has received a healthy dose of polishing and a new set of high lift camshafts which help extract more power, 275 hp at 8,600 rpm to be precise. The engine, like the gearbox, is mounted on harder bushings. As soon as you crank the engine to life the vibrations are quite evident. The gearbox itself has been rebuilt by Spoon and mated to specially designed flywheel and clutch assemblies. The propeller shaft, like the drive shafts, has been changed for Spoon versions with a lighter weight and revised spacers. The rear differential has been binned in favor of a Spoon item; and the whole diff assembly sits on harder bushings, guaranteeing less play in the driveline. Even the steering has been finely tuned with low friction bearings for a more natural and direct feel. Adjustable Spoon dampers have found their way into the car and feature 14 kg/mm springs front and 12 kg/mm springs rear. Spoon has just released an important new product, which addresses the lack of stiffness in the front upper arm suspension mounts. To stiffen this critical area a high-tension steel frame has been developed and then welded into position to guarantee a solid mounting point, which has no problem taking all the abuse the suspension throws at it. Taking care of braking are the trademark blue Spoon monoblock Nissin made front calipers. Mated to high friction Spoon pads, they offer strong braking with no sign of fade.

The full S2000 wide-boy kit is already on sale. Log into the Spoon and Type-One websites at and for more information.

Specs: 2007 Spoon Sports demo S2000
max power: 275 hp @ 8,600 rpm
Spoon complete engine assembly
Venturi throttle
Uprated plugs
Spoon carbon-Kevlar plug cover
Spoon head cover
Spoon air cleaner
Spoon air box
Spoon carbon-Kevlar air guide
Spoon radiator hoses
Spoon exhaust manifold
Spoon N1 exhaust system
Spoon ECU

Spoon transmission assembly
Differential assembly
Spoon propeller shaft
Spoon drive shafts
Spoon LSD
Spoon flywheels
Spoon clutch
Spoon clutch cover
Spoon release bearing

Spoon front & rear bumpers
Spoon front fenders
Spoon aero bonnet
Spoon rear fenders
Spoon coupe roof
Spoon GT wing
Spoon rear carbon diffuser

Wheels & Tires
Rays CE28N
Bridgestone Potenza RE-01R

Spoon front upper arm mount stiffening plate
Spoon front & rear tower bars
Spoon front & rear lower arm bars
Spoon engine torque damper
Spoon engine & transmission mounts
Spoon diff mounts
Spoon damper kit
Spoon springs (14 kg/mm front, 12 kg/mm rear)
Spoon rear sub frame plate
Spoon steering column assembly
Spoon front & rear zero bump steering kit
Spoon drive shaft spacer kit
Spoon monocoque front brake calipers
Spoon brake pads all round