When you grab that huge aluminum door handle and swing the driver door open, you are greeted by a nice set of Recaro racing seats, an SPG for the driver and a more comfortable and reclinable SRIII Millennium for the passenger side. The only other modification in the interior is a set of Takata racing belts. Everything else, including the steering wheel, has been left untouched. As I begin to forcefully squeeze my somewhat hefty rear end into the Japanese-sized Recaro bucket seat I can't help but notice how low the seat is positioned compared to a stock 350Z. After a few adjustments of the mirrors, I twist the Nissan key. The 3.5L V6 sparks into life with a scream of revs before slowly settling to a smooth idle. The burble coming from the two titanium trumpets is creamy and almost muted, but feather the right pedal and that typical Mine's wail is never too far away. As I set off, I give a quick prod on the accelerator, just to wet my appetite. The Z shoots off in a surge of acceleration, showing an urgency more akin to cars pushing out twice the power. As the road clears, I floor the throttle-trying to juggle the monstrous wheelspin in first gear. As I grab second, the story doesn't change-the rear Bridgestone RE-01Rs just can't cope. I short shift into third and floor it. What happens next truly impresses me. The Mine's Z starts to pull effortlessly from around 3,500 rpm like there was a turbocharger helping things along! Those 40.9 kgm of torque begin to make sense, no matter what gear you're in, this thing just pulls. When you tap into all the available 8,000 rpm, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that the 320hp power output that Mine's quotes for its Stage II engine kit is substantially on the conservative side. I've driven naturally aspirated Z's with more than 350 hp and none felt as explosive as this Mine's 350Z. And, with those big Brembo calipers up front, the car feels just as impressive when shedding off speed. The suspension, despite the rock-solid settings, felt like it could actually be tolerated on the street, but, due to a lack of corners around the test-road, there was no chance to see what they could really do.

Mine's has done it again. This 350Z proves that the shop is still one of the best out there today. Their minimalist approach to tuning has earned them loyal followers and, at the same time, has proven that you don't need to go over-the-top to obtain great results.

Specs: MINE s 350Z
320 ps / 6,450 rpm, 40.9 kgm / 4,500 rpm

Mine's Stage II engine kitbr
Metal head gaskets (compression ratio 11.5:1)
Upgraded camshafts, 264 duration, 10.25mm liftbr
Forged pistons & piston ringsbr
Block overhaul
15-row oil cooler kit
Stainless steel exhaust manifolds
Stainless steel center pipe
Sports catalizers
Silence VX titanium exhaust system
VX panel-type air filter

Cusco Type RS (modified by Mine's)

Suspensionbr />Mine's ESTA Suspension kit based on Ohlinsbr />DFV dampers (20 adjustments)
Mine's Eibach spring kit(11.6 kg/mm front, 10 kg/mm rear)
Mine's stabilizers (front & rear)
Brembo F50 front brake calipers355mm 2-piece slotted brake rotors
Mine's PFC circuit-spec brake pads
DOT 5.1 brake fluid

Mine's carbon Aero Mirror Type-II
Mine's carbon front lip spoiler
Mine's carbon front under diffuser
Mine's Multi-select rear wing
Mine's direct airbox air-scoop

Recaro SPG driver seat
Recaro SRIII Millennium passenger seat
Takata MPH-340R

Bridgestone Prodrive GC-010G 8.5"x18"(front), 9.5"x18" (rear)
Bridgestone Potenza RE-01R 255/35/18(front), 265/35/18 (rear)