Completely transformed with almost 50-percent more horsepower and torque than stock, this Fit provides acceleration much more in line with what enthusiasts are seeking, striking a sportier balance between commuter and sports car. And don't even worry about power overwhelming the chassis; handling isn't one of the Fit's weak points. As displayed by such JDM creations as the Spoon Sports and J's Racing machines, the Honda Fit is an excellent base platform, easily at home on the racetrack.

Blitz set up this Fit with Blitz's own Damper W's suspension, which uses 3.5kg/mm front and 6kg/mm rear springs. The suspension uses non-adjustable Blitz dampers that are threaded for ride-height adjustment and matched with special progressive diameter springs. For shows and demo displays, Blitz drops the Fit down low, accentuating the lines of the Blitz Aero Speed bodywork all around. With the grip to the ground provided by 225/35/18 Dunlop Le Mans LM703 tires wrapped around Blitz BRW Profile 08 wheels, this Fit has the cornering power to back up its heaping addition of horsepower.

From a sedate gas saver, Blitz transformed their Fit into a boosted speed junkie's dream. With the perfect melding of space, convenience, price and mileage, this Fit should be of major interest as a daily driver to all of our monster turbo, barely street Supra, RX-7, DSM, STI and Evo readers. With very few differences in terms of engine, Blitz's JDM Fit turbo kit should very easily transfer over stateside. The B-segment scene may be slowly gaining momentum in the U.S., but we can't forget to thank the Japanese for their reliance on small, efficient vehicles. That, plus their dedication to engineering go-fast parts for almost anything on wheels.

152 Hp @ 5,800 Rpm / 148 Lb-Ft @ 4,800 Rpm
Base Engine: L15a, 1.5l I4
Blitz Bolt-On Turbo Kit
Blitz Sus Power Core Type Lm Air Cleaner
Blitz Polished Hard Piping
Blitz Hose Connectors
Blitz Oil Feed Lines
Blitz Sus Power Lm Metallic Top Plate
Blitz Oil Filler Cap
Blitz Nur-Spec Dt (Dual Tube) Exhaust
Blitz Sbc I-Color Boost Controller
Blitz Front-Mount Intercooler Kit
Blitz Cooling Performer Silicone Radiator Hose
Blitz Racing Radiator Cap Type-2
Blitz Iridium Spec 77 Spark Plugs

Blitz Wagon Damper W's Suspension
3.5kg/Mm Front, 6kg/Mm Rear Spring Rates

Blitz Aero Speed Front Bumper Spoiler
Blitz Aero Speed Side Steps
Blitz Aero Speed Rear Under Spoiler
Blitz Dual Tube H4 5000k Halogen Bulbs
Custom Blitz Graphics

Blitz Sbc I-Color Display
Gathers/Honda Optional Double-Din Dvd Changer/Navigation

18x8 Blitz Brw Profile 08 Wheels, Black Matte Blue
Dunlop Le Mans Lm703 Tires, 225/35/18 Front And Rear

4879 E. La Palma Ave. Ste. 206
CA  92807
Dunlop Tires