The fuel system has been upgraded with an AMS rail, Precision Turbo 1,150cc/min injectors and a dual pump setup. These mods combined with an HKS Twin DLI and RalliArt plug wires provide the AEM EMS all the tools it needs to generate 144.5 whp per cylinder. The internals have been swapped for forged hardware. Special AMS-spec Ross pistons and beefier con rods from Oliver have lived up to the big-boost challenge. Up top the 4G63 is ready to spin high and hard with Supertech double-spring valvesprings and retainers, HKS 272-degree bumpsticks and AEM adjustable cam gears.

Inside and out the car has everything needed to live long and prosper under full boost. The problematic stock clutch has been swapped in favor of an Exedy HD twin-disc setup. This EVO isn't headed for a life of leisure, as it is beginning a transformation that will include changing the GT35R in favor of a GT37R, dropping some extra weight and tweaking the tune-the brass ring being a 9-second timeslip.

Rosado is quick to admit his daily driver project has gone a bit astray. He says the car will continue to evolve and will probably become a full-on race car in the future. "At this moment we are dedicated to growing our business and the red car has become our best business card-100 percent of the work on the car has been performed by Omar and Ricardo," he says. "Everyone in Puerto Rico knows the car because it is still a daily driver and everywhere we go it gets some attention. People are taking pictures every time and asking about it and the parts.

Perhaps the transformation from daily driver to dedicated race car is a natural progression. Who are we to fight the EVO's evolution?

2005 Mitsubishi Evolution Viii
578 whp @ 32 Psi

AMS GT35R Turbo Kit
AMS VSR Intake Manifold
AMS Fuel Rail
AMS Turbo Back Exhaust with Test Pipe
AMS Upper Intercooler Pipe
TIAL Blow-Off Valve
AMS Front-Mount Intercooler
AMS-Spec ROSS Pistons
AMS Spark Plug Cover
AEM Engine Management System
AMS Mini-Battery Kit
PTE 1,150cc/min Fuel Injectors
RalliArt Spark Plug Wires
ATI Super Damper
Exedy HD Twin Disc Clutch
Full Blown Dual Fuel Pump Setup
Oliver Rods
ARP Main Studs
ARP head Studs
HKS 272 Camshafts
Supertech Dual Valvesprings & Retainers
AEM Adjustable Cam Gears
Cometic Headgasket
APR Radiator Cooling Plate
APR Flex Control Bar

Espelir Lowering Springs
AMS Rear Trailing Arm Bushing

EVO IX Front Bumper
APR Front Carbon Air Dam
JDM EVO Rear Bumper
JDM Rear Taillights
Seibon Carbon Hood
VIS Carbon Trunk Lid

APR Performance AEM
13401 S. Main St.
Los Angeles
CA  90061
Exedy Clutch
Precision Turbo & Engine
616A S. Main Street Dept MMFF
P.O. Box 425
IN  46341-0425
Supertech AMS Performance
Tial sport Espelir/Mackin Industries