Mitsubishi just happened to have an Evo IX on hand for comparison purposes. It's worth mentioning that, though the Evo IX is the road-going racing car, those 331 extra pounds went into making the new car a bona fide daily driver. Getting into the Evo IX after driving the Evo X was like belting into a time attack car.

1. Acceleration
from standstill
ACD and ASC control the drive force
and brake force to balance acceleration
and road conditions. Powerful offthe-
line acceleration is generated by
superior control of wheel slippage.
2. Braking ACD and ABS maximize the effect of braking
force from all four wheels. The systems provide
stable, controllable braking and quicker stops
while preventing the wheels from locking up.
3. Entering corner AYC brings cornering performance in line
with steering inputs. Even with ABS engaged,
AYC controls the yaw moment to deliver
intuitive, follow-the-line cornering.
4. Pulling out
of corner
ACD and AYC maximize torque
on each wheel. By enhancing
both cornering and traction
performance, the system
allows more aggressive
acceleration out of corners.
5. Understeer AYC and ASC work together,
maximizing torque and
brake force to keep the
vehicle under control.
6. Oversteer In emergency situations such
as spins, ACD’s superior
vehicle control, plus AYC and
ASC, assist the driver to safely
execute recovery maneuvers.
S-AWC Mode Function
Tarmac Weakens ACD control bias, strengthens AYC distribution
Gravel Boosts ACD control bias, AYC effect is weakened for stability
Snow Further boosts ACD and weakens AYC