4real-Works D1 Toyota Soarer
Power output: 609 ps torque: 60kgm
max boost: 1.5 kg/cm
2JZ-GTE Engine
Trust 2MM Metal Headgasket
HKS Camshafts 264-Degrees/9MM
Sard Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold
Garrett GT35-40R Turbocharger (A/R 1.06
)Sard Racing External Wastegate
4real-Works 76mm Custom Stainless Steel Front Pipe
4real-works 80mm custom stainless steel exhaust system with 115mm outlet
4real-Works 70mm Custom Aluminum Intercooler Piping Kit
4real-Works D1-Spec Intercooler System
4real-Works Intake Pipe
HKS SPF Foam Filter
NISMO Skyline GT-R 260LPH In-Tank Fuel Pump
Sard 650cc/Min Injectors
Ngk No. 9 Iridium Racing Spark Plugs
4real-Works Oil Cooler
Tabata Race-Spec Radiator
4real-Works Oil Catch Tank System
Custom Painted Engine Covers
Sard Main ECU
Trust E-Manage Sub-ECU

OS Giken Twin-Plate Clutch With Lightweight Flywheel
JZA80 Getrag Six-Speed Transmission
OS Giken Super Lock Lsd With 3.266 Final

Suspension & Brakes
HKS Hipermax Adjustable Suspension System
Swift Springs 26kg/Mm (Front), 16kg/Mm (Rear)
GT Aoyama Full Pillow-Ball Links
Spot-Welded Suspension Turrets
Custom Reinforced And Plated Suspension Mounting Points/Turrets
Jza80 Front Four-Pot Calipers With Ap Racing Slotted Rotors
Jza80 Rear Two-Pot Calipers With Ap Racing Slotted Rotors
Endless CCR Pads All Around
APP Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines

Wheels & Tires
Work Meister S1 9.5x18 (Front), 11.5x18 (Rear)
225/40/18 Yokohama Advan Neova (Front)
265/35/18 Yokohama Advan Neova (Rear)

BN Sports Front Bumper
BN Sports Aero Hood
T&E Front Fenders
BN Sports Side Skirts
BN Sports Rear Bumper
Craft Square Side Mirrors
Koguchi Power Rear Gt-Style Wing
Custom Frp Doors
Custom Frp Trunk Lid
Acrylic Rear And Side Glass
Custom Candy Green Paint

Fully Stripped Interior
Spot-Welded Chassis
4real-Works Custom-Welded Racing Rollcage With Additional Bracing
Color Primed Interior
Italvolanti Imola Rs Leather-Trimmed Steering Wheel On Snap-Off Boss
Recaro Racing Bucket Seats
Custom-Trimmed Stock Soarer Dashboard
Defi Gauges
Defi Fuel Pressure Gauge
Defi Control Unit
Trust Profec B Boost Controller
Auto Meter Pro-Comp Tachometer With Shift Light
Custom Center Console With Switchgear And Kill Switch
Silver Carbon Trim For Passenger Side Of Dash