Since the Lexus did not come turbocharged, great attention was given to the fuel delivery system. In order to make horsepower, you need air and fuel, and you need it in the correct ratio. Since airflow was already addressed, Toyomoto addressed the fuel demands of the 2JZ by upgrading to a higher capacity 50-gph fuel pump from Toyomoto. A set of larger 440cc injectors replaced the factory squirters. An HKS Vein Pressure Converter (VPC), with a custom Toyomoto VPC chip, handles the tuning of the fuel curve. The HKS VPC unit also deletes the use of the factory mass air sensor by converting the metering system to speed density. The factory ECU also received some massaging by G-Force to handle the newly turbocharged 2JZ powerplant. A GReddy Rebic III additional injector controller is tag teamed with two 550cc injectors to address fuel enrichment. The ignition system of the Lexus was left fairly stock with the exception of a MSD 6AL box.

As mentioned in the beginning, the SC received major drivetrain upgrades. A six-speed Getrag unit from a twin-turbo Supra replaced the factory five-speed transmission. Along with the transmission, a Supra flywheel is mated to a RPS Carbon Claw clutch assembly. A custom driveshaft links the six-speed tranny to the Supra 3.13 rear-end.

As speed increases, the demand for a more tenacious suspension system also increases. The SC sports a lowered center of gravity, thanks to Eibach sport springs at all four corners. Bringing the Lexus to a quick halt is an upgraded braking system from Brembo. The SC remains firmly planted at all times thanks to a set of 18-inch Speedline forged aluminum wrapped with Toyo T1-S tires. With the Lexus back in Bill's hands, the SC was sent into the Colorin Body Shop in Miami for 10 layers of PPG gloss black paint to cover the original blue hue.

So which ride do you think is more impressive now? The 1,900-lb tin can racecar, or the 3,500-lb sleeper. Your girlfriend already knows which car she'd rather be in and we guarantee you-it's not the tin can. Whichever is your flavor, Turbo magazine plans to be there and bring it to you.

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