Imagine cruising down the highway in your brand-spanking new '99 Corvette with your girl by your side-who could ask for more. Right out of the box this car hauls a$$ for the $46,000 you just spent on it. A true race ready street performer. As your anxiously wait for some unlucky fool to pull past you, your first victim creeps up making his way from the rear view mirror to the side view mirror finally paralleling his way right along side you. Right before your shot of adrenaline reaches your right foot, you peep over and to your surprise you're gazing at what seems to be a bone stock Toyota Supra. This gets the saliva dripping cause there's no way a stock Supra with 320 horsepower can hang with your C5 Vette-the race is on!.

Of course right out of the hole the Vette transfers the torque from the burly V8 to the pavement jumping a full car length ahead. Expecting to pull an easy bus length in high gear you notice a high pitch whistle that resembles the sound of air rushing through the gap between your girlfriend's front teeth. As the sound draws closer and closer you quickly glance in the side view mirror to look for your opponent and to your amazement the mirror reveals an empty road. Snapping your head forward you notice the Supra's pulling on you like a mad dentist with a pair of pliers. When you finally realize there's no catching him the last thing that runs through your mind is the Supra.

Now everyone has said or heard, " Why buy the expensive car when you can put that money into a nice fast car to make it even faster." In almost every case you never get the "expensive car" left over money when you buy the fast car, all you get is a fast car.

Well, Ben Treynor of San Mateo, California had money to spare to upgrade the performance of his ride. He purchased the vehicle brand new in June of '97 and he originally had plans to keep it lightly modified. With much enthusiasm, Ben explained, "After reading an article in Turbo about a lightly modified Supra making substantially more horsepower than stock, I took my car to Rod Millen Motorsports to have a similar set of modifications done." The one thing Ben absolutely insisted on accomplishing with his ride was the look of a sleeper.