Suspension enhancements were concentrated mainly to take the abuse of high speeds. The Supra rides on Eibach Pro Kit springs that drop the Toyota 1.250 inches from stock ride height. Additional chassis stiffening is obtained by front strut tower bar from GReddy joined by a rear Cusco. Rolling on 18s is a must for Supra owners and Bryce chose 18-inch Volk Winning wheels wrapped by Bridgestone Pole Positions. The front runs 245/35s and the rear runs much fatter 285/30s. Nestled behind the Volk rims are Rod Millen cross-drilled rotors with TRD HPZ performance pads.

The interior consists of a variety of necessary cockpit controls and gauges. For one, this car pumps out gobs of horsepower on pump gas and it's absolutely necessary to make sure fuel pressure and air/fuel ratio don't fall off pace. Also of prime importance is boost control. If manifold pressure were to overwhelm its control devices that all-important air/fuel could go critical. To determine this scenario Bryce relies on dash-mounted boost, fuel pressure and exhaust gas temperature gauges by GReddy. Pinning the driver and passenger to the Supra are Sparco Super Sports seats and a pair of Schroth four-point harnesses.

Having the fuel and timing controls within reach of the driver makes on-the-fly tuning a snap. Not only are the piggyback computers all within reach, the EGT is mounted on the left hand side above the VPC and ITC which makes it great for monitoring on-the-fly tuning. The PRofec A boost controller and the Fields SFC are easily reached on the right side of the driver's seat. Bryce realized the importance of having all the tuning tools within reach the day the vehicle fired back up from the dead. With only a week before the Las Vegas Supra meet Bryce decided to make the trek from Kingwood, Texas out to Las Vegas, Nevada. This journey not only served as a break in period for the engine, this also allowed on-the-fly tuning to be performed.

Throughout this whole hysteria of making the Supra meet, Bryce stated if there was a lesson learned it would be, "leave it to the professionals!" "A few days before the meet, I installed the Powerhouse head gasket upside down and dumped about a gallon of coolant into the crankcase on initial start up so I had to tear it back down and clean it up." Well, all the madness was well worth it, at the Supra meet Bryce's Supra generated a whopping 674 horsepower to the wheels in pump gas trim-you go boy!

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