Will displacement remain at 1.8-liters?
Yes, we plan to keeps things as close to stock as possible.

The factory compression ratio is 11.5:1? What will the race engine run?
We are planning to run 9.0:1 compression in the race engine.

What is the factory combustion chamber size? Will it change?
It's 32cc; we will be leaving that alone, as well.

Is the combustion chamber an open or closed design?
Open design. It is almost like a hemispherical chamber, but it's got more of a wedge style to it because of the valves, which take up almost the entire combustion area. It has great valve angles. If you were to cut the head in half, it almost looks like a slice of pie with a spark plug hole in the center. Very efficient.

Tuning Strategies

What kind of engine management system do you foresee controlling the 2ZZ?
We're running a PacTell stand-alone system. We run it on the SCORE off-road series and a couple other special applications.

Does it have datalogging capabilities?
Yes, and we definitely plan to use datalogging extensively for on-track tuning.

What about the turbo?
We're running a Turbonetics turbo, but I am not sure which one at this time, but I can ask them what they have in mind.

I'd sure ask them before they give you that horsepower target too. There could be a very rude awakening awaiting someone.

Currently, the plan calls for dyno testing a half dozen or so units until we find the right balance between spool-up and top-end flow.