624.5 hp @ 22 psi
649.1 hp @ 24 psi
721.1 hp @ 28 psi

"The Total Package" is one of the many mantras here at Turbo magazine. If you have The Package, you have a car that has engine power, braking power, craftsmanship and curb appeal-qualities that make one stand up and take notice. In most cases these cars have a focal point that outshines the other pieces of the puzzle. For Hubie Fuh of Holmdel, New Jersey, it comes down to cabin fever as the interior of his '94 Toyota Supra is where he and Sharp Precision Instruments (SPI) aimed the spotlight.

The JZA80 is a Mecca of electronic wizardry as the electronics in question address entertainment and tuning and, most of all, are displayed with style. From an entertainment angle, the centerpiece is a Panasonic color LCD monitor. The 7-inch screen (CQ-VA707WEUC) is joined to a Panasonic DVD player (CQ-DVR909U) to provide the ultimate in mobile cinema. Framed by carbon fiber and a gaggle of flat-out dope gauges, the audio/visual system looks right at home. SPI distributes the Defi-Link System, which is a monitoring strategy that incorporates a central control unit that transmits the proper information to each gauge via a single wire. Sending units under the hood send info to the CCU, which forwards it to the gauge. All Defi-Link gauges can be connected to a warning light and feature 40-second playback and peak/hold metering. The gauges sport aluminum bezels and high-intensity LED lamps for night vision. Hubie emptied the catalog on the Supra, running a big 115mm boost gauge and 60mm EGT, oil temp, oil pressure, water temp, and fuel pressure readouts. Defi-Link also has head's up display (HUD) units and the Supra has vehicle speed and boost offered HUD style.

Since electronics play such a vital role in the tuning portion of any build-up, Hubie was uniquely qualified to challenge the dyno and as we have showcased for the last couple of years the 2JZ-GTE is a primetime power player. Before unleashing transistor signals and binary codes on the engine, SPI fortified the hard parts. The 3.0-liter inline six was bored .020 over by RC Engine Building out of Brooklyn, New York, and fitted with JE pistons. The 8.5:1 compression slugs swing on Crower connecting rods and a stock crankshaft. It is a fact that power tends to hide in the cylinder head, but any competent Supra tuner will tell you the key is not so much hogging out the runners as it is matching cams to turbos (or turbo). The SPI Supra runs Blitz bumpsticks with 264 degrees duration and 9.3mm of lift. A pair of HKS cam gears are on call to fine tune the curve. All the moving components in the head are factory stock, a testament to the flow properties and overall design of the head.