Building Blocks
The 2JZ's bottom end is quite stout from the factory so a built bottom end is only needed for serious power applications. When it comes to hard parts the Supra 7's 2JZ-GTE is filled with quality. JE Piston 8.5:1 compression forged slugs swing on Crower rods and this reciprocating mass spins on a knife-edged and balanced stock crankshaft.

Head Games
Supras make their power in the turbo(s) and the head. SP has fortified the Supra-7 valvetrain with stainless-steel Ferrea valves (33.6mm intake, 29.5 mm exhaust) and Ferrea heavy-duty double springs, keepers and retainers. The high-speed capacity of this set-up is put to maximum utilization by a pair of HKS camshafts. The bumpsticks deliver 9.35mm of lift and 272 degrees of duration, ensuring the 2JZ can ingest all the oxygen it needs.

Pressure Points
Pressurization is produced by a pair of HKS GT Series 3037S turbos. The Garrett-based hairdryers sport a .87 A/R on the hot side and a .60 A/R on the compressor side. A 56T-trim compressor wheel is in charge of packing the air, which makes its way to the engine via a front-mount Blitz air-to-air intercooler. An HKS wastegate bleeds off unneeded exhaust gases, while a pair of HKS Super Sequential blow-off valves are on call to relieve boost pressure in the intake tract between shifts.

No Fuelin'
Fuel is a key component in the power-generating process and to this end SP Engineering has installed the hardware and electronics with an eye to supporting four-digit power levels. It all starts with twin Denso high-flow pumps and -6 lines. At the rail flow is controlled by a Sard regulator and directed to the engine's 1000cc injectors. Old standbys, namely the HKS Vein Pressure Converter (VPC) and Graphic Control Computer (GCC), are on duty in accordance with an HKS EVC boost controller and an SP Engineering ROM-tuned stock ECU to oversee fueling strategies and boost.

Power Transference
The application of power is handled by a stock Supra six-speed transmission outfitted with a C's short shifter and HKS triple-place clutch. At the rear, thrust is funneled through a RE Amemiya differential and custom Titanium axles. SP Engineering elected to use a metal driveshaft in lieu of a lightweigh aluminum or carbon fiber unit for durability reasons.

Re: Mamma Meeya
The Supra-7 tallies righteous style points for its immaculately installed RE Amemiya fender flares and front fascia. 20/20 Autobody of City Of Industry handled the grafting and painting chores. Once the RX-7's flowing bodylines were massaged to perfection, five coats of Lamborghini yellow were unleashed on the Mazda. The results speak for themselves.