The second "S" Tan addressed was the suspension system on the Nissan. With more than 500 horses at the rear wheels, the Nissan was uncontrollable around the corners. Aggressive acceleration would result in unspeakable dangers in everyday driving. The stock shocks were traded in favor of JIC 15-way adjustable coil-overs. Fully height adjustable and damping adjustable, Ziel fine-tuned the JICs with 12 kg/mm rated springs up front and 10 kg/mm rated springs out back. The combination gave the 300ZX a fairly civil ride for commuter driving without sacrificing control at the edge.

To prevent body roll around high-speed corners Suspension Techniques sway bars were also incorporated into the mix. As a security blanket for Tan's heavy right foot, the Nissan's brakes were also upgraded. The stock binders were tossed aside for Porsche 993TT Brembo four-pot calipers tag-teamed with KVR 355mm cross-drilled rotors. In the rear, the 300ZX runs Skyline R32 rotors combined with Project brake pads. Stainless-steel brake lines and Motul 600R brake fluid round out the rest of the brake system enhancements.

To make a statement every time he cruises the boulevard, Tan replaced the front bumper with a Trust Z32 fiberglass piece and the heavy factory hood with a Border hood. Rolling stock was upgraded with 19-inch Axis Se7en three-piece aluminum with forged centers and Toyo rubber poised at the corners. The Nissan runs 19x8.5-inchers up front and extra wide 19x10.5-inchers in the rear. Toyo T1S Proxes rubber of the 235/35R-19 and 275/30R-19 variety provide the contact.

No daily driver would be complete without a bumpin' sound system. From the fully powered Sparco Plus electric driver seat, Tan is within arm's reach of the Pioneer ODR head unit. Signals from the head unit are sent to the top-of-the-line Boston 6.5-inch Pro speakers up front and 10.5-inch Pro sub woofers in the trunk. A pair of Boston amps powers the speakers to full song. From the cockpit, the driver is bombarded with seven GReddy peak/hold gauges displaying all the engine vitals.

Having the total package wasn't easy for Tan to accomplish. It took him seven years to get the Nissan to its current stage of modification. And get this; it's still a work in progress and he doubts it'll ever be done. As long as Tan pays attention to the "Four "S" system of refinement, the 'White Light' 300ZX's future will be bright.

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