It was about this time that Deliwala had the opportunity to open his own shop. Business was brisk, or as Deliwala put it, "it was more like business was exploding, overwhelming. It was super busy," and the racecar was put on hold until November.

The car was stripped to the bare essentials and reassembled. All stock parts going back on received a thorough inspection, sandblasting and painting.

The big move at this point was converting to single turbo. GReddy stepped up with one of its T88H kits. The turbo system also included a four-row, front-mount GReddy chiller, a Titan Race-spec intake manifold and a GReddy TVVC manual boost controller set to a race max of 2.0 Bar (29.4 psi).

The fresh block was stuffed with GReddy rods and slugs and topped with a Titan-ported head fitted with Ferrea valvetrain components and sealed via a high-performance GReddy head gasket.

The turbo kit was grafted on and the Motec M8 was put in control of a Titan Motorsports fuel system featuring RC Engineering 1000cc injectors.

There is a 60-shot NOS nitrous system in the car but it will not be used until the turbo is maxed out and, even then, it will be a third- and fourth-gear proposition.

Power transfer is handled by the factory six-speed tranny, enhanced with a B&M shifter, Tilton triple-disc carbon/carbon clutch and a Hurst line lock.

A Titan Motorsports driveshaft and racing spool put the twist on Monocoque aluminum and 325/50-15 BFGoodrich Drag Radials. HKS Hiper Damper Drag coil-overs are also an important part of the traction equation.

"In late March 2002 we started basic testing with the car," says Deliwala. "On low boost, the Supra broke into the 9s on its first outing. We were so happy it was unbelievable. We had been shooting for single digits for so long. About a week later we were at Gainesville and the rest is a blur."

The Supra followed up its runner-up debut with a win at Atco and a second at Houston where the Supra blasted a 9.002 at 160.40 becoming the fastest uni-body Supra in the world. The Titan Motorsports Supra holds the National NHRA Street Tire records of 9.42 and 157.56 mph. The 9.002 effort was not backed up so it isn't in the NHRA's record book, but it's in ours. From Houston, things really took off as Mazurowski and Deliwala have strung together consecutive victories at Maple Grove, Dallas and Woodburn, Ore. Team Titan wrapped up the championship at Woodburn but the Titan crew intends to make all or most of the remaining NHRA dates in their quest for Street Tire supremacy, the elusive 8-second timeslip and world's quickest honors.

Deliwala calls the Supra a "never-ending obsession" and hopes to move the class record into the 8s before the 2002 season is finished.

One of the coolest things about the Supra is that, like its pitbull counterpart, it can be leashed and taken for walks. It's a foregone conclusion that Deliwala will find few takers at his old street racing haunts, but he says it is still fun to drive the car in the real world every once in a while.