While this WRX makes a hell of a lot of power, it can't be controlled without proper suspension. Starry-eyed enthusiasts often overlook the importance of a good suspension system on a high-powered car. JIC saved the day with a front and rear adjustable suspension, including JIC FLTA-2 struts and springs and JIC rear links. Not one to skimp on matters, Donald selected Cusco front tie-rods and front and rear anti-roll bars. The WRX also has upgraded undercarriage braces.

The WRX's exterior was also given the once-over. Donald threw some "show" into it with a C-West body kit and had it painted a pristine blue by Steve's Auto Body of Valley Village, Calif. Completing the ensemble are Arceo Alpine Star 19x8 wheels with BF Goodrich 235-series tires mounted and balanced by Easy Street. Well, that's one of the packages. Donald owns four different sets of wheels and tires (must be nice). Peeking out at you are ESX Brembo brakes with 12.9-inch drilled rotors and Brembo four-piston calipers and upgraded pads.

Lastly, the WRX's interior needed sprucing up. This car couldn't roll this tricked out and have a stock interior. Once again, Easy Street Motorsports lent a hand and installed the red-and-black leather interior, STi and Auto Meter instruments and a navigation system. Not shy about wanting to cuddle up and watch movies, Donald also purchased a Kenwood DVD 911 system. And speaking of comforts, the car still runs with air conditioning. That's just to rub it in to you diehards who had to give up A/C to install your turbos!

We can't wait to get Donald's car to the track. It should easily put down 10-second runs, since that same ESX 740 package produced numerous 9-second runs on Easy Street's other cars. It's truly a high-powered machine, so watch out for this street prowler on its feeding streets in California.

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