Controlling such a high-horsepower application is a full MoTeC M8 computer and a MoTeC CDI8 ignition system that ensure nothing is left to chance. An HKS triple-plate clutch feeds power through custom driveshafts and front and rear Cusco 4:11:1 centers.

The Skyline's 26x8.5-inch Mickey ET Street tires are wrapped over standard GT-R magnesium wheels. Skylines run a decent brake system standard, so only a parachute was added to help pull the car up after each quarter-mile blast. Croydon also developed a stout suspension package consisting of custom Bilstein coil-overs and King springs with in-house geometry settings. The finishing touch is the white and yellow race paint.

Inside, it's all business. Glenn keeps the car straight with help from a MOMO steering wheel and he's held in tight with the Recaro race seat. An array of Trust gauges give warning to any dangers facing the RB26 and a complete roll cage built into the car addresses safety.

What Does The Future Hold?
"It's been a huge learning curve over the past few years, with many breakages along the way to get the car to its present state. We're on top of everything now and believe we have a reliable and consistent package," reflects Glenn. All modesty aside, the car's present state is at the top of the food chain; it's the world's quickest street tire Skyline.

The GT-R may not wear the Croydon race colors for too much longer, however. Nick explains, "The car is currently up for sale. We've run a lot faster than we ever envisioned so we're more than happy with our achievements." Nick's background is circuit racing so he's getting back into that. He's got another R32 GT-R which is currently in pieces and will be the basis for the next project.

Power TechniK
Plat Form
1994 Nissan R32 Skyline GT-R

Engine: Nissan RB26DETT 2.6-liter I-6
Internals: Forged Trust crankshaft, Carillo con rods, JE 7.8:1 pistons, Nissan rings, Tomei camshafts, valve springs, custom valves, Trust oil pump and sump
Induction: Hybrid custom Turbonetics turbocharger
Exhaust: Custom manifold, custom system
Engine Management: MoTeC M8 ECU and MoTeC CDI-8 ignition system
Gearbox: Hollinger sequential six-speed with custom shifter
Clutch Combo: HKS triple plate
Differential: Cusco front and rear 411/4375
Suspension: Bilstein coil-overs, King springs
Brakes: Standard with Mintes 1166 pads, parachute
14102 Stowe Dr.
CA  92064
Mickey Thompson Tires
4670 Allen Road Stow
OH  44224
GReddy Performance Products/Trust Motec Systems USA
HKS USA, Inc. Recaro Seats
JE Pistons Turbonetics
2255 Agate Ct.
Simi Valley
CA  93065