As an increase in horsepower could cause severe drivetrain wear (and possible breakage) after a few miles of hard street use, the 510's rear end was addressed. A new one was installed that's incorporated by Fuji Heavy Industries, the same company that manufactures automobiles and components for the Subaru.

The differentials are known as R-160 units because the 160mm diameter ring-and-pinion came in several ratios on the 510. The R-160 is available in many vehicles such as the Subaru Legacy. Not only is it considered bulletproof by many high-performance 510 owners, it's also an inexpensive and logical solution for upgrading the stock rear end.

Dropping horsepower on the rear wheels is a six-speed transmission from an S15 complete with reverse lockout. Rolling stock consists of 18x7.5 and 18x8 Racing Hart C4 wheels combined with Yokohama Paradas 215/35-18 in the front and 225/35-18 in the rear.

Interior amenities include a Sparco steering wheel utilizing a RAPFIX quick release for easy access in and out of the Recaro DC5 bucket seats. A four-point roll cage firms the chassis, while a set of front and rear TSR cross members are included in the mix.

With old-school cars making a comeback in the import performance world, it's no surprise these once economically priced $2,000 cars are presently selling for more than three times their original retail value.

Shiraiwa and Lozano have a special place in their hearts for the Datsun 510 as they constantly strive to upgrade their old-school cars with new-school technology.

Countless hours of fabrication and tuning were spent on each of their rides; they'd like to thank Phil Lee, Gary Nishimura of Nish Designs, Mike Jurado of Superior Nissan, Kevin Hengl of KRG Designs, Lucky Dodge of Hose Techniques, Obed Riviera, and Shari Kuruma-Sheridan, and of course each other as 510 owners for the inspiration.

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