Our last modification of the day was the Skunk2 high-performance intake manifold. Unlike the dual-stage GS-R manifold the Skunk2 manifold features a similar design to the Type-R. Utilizing long runners, mid- to top-end performance is optimized. The runners are also slightly larger than the stock GS-R's for better flow for higher output engines. By using the same casting process car manufacturers use the intake nearly looks like a stock piece with the exception of the Skunk2 plaque on the intake plenum. The best part is that cops can't hassle you about it since the intake also carries a CARB EO number. To extract maximum output from the intake aftermarket camshafts should be used. But for our testing the intake still posted performance gains over the stock manifold. We witnessed an average of six to seven horsepower over stock with a maximum peak gain of 5.6 horsepower over the stock manifold. The GS-R finally peaked out at 168.8 horsepower.

With four simple performance modifications we generated an additional 24.6 horsepower over the stock components. And yes, they are all 50-state legal components if, of course, you install the silencer in the tailpipe to meet the California exhaust decibel law (95 dB). Next up we will further push the street-legal envelope with the addition of some Skunk2 Stage 1 cams, Unorthodox Racing underdrive pulleys and maybe a street-legal supercharger or turbo kit.

The increased power output of the GS-R was complemented with the addition of Skunk2 Pro Series coil-overs and 16-inch Buddy Club P-1 Racing SF wheels wrapped with Falken Azenis RT-615 gumballs. The Skunk2 coilovers feature stiffer-rate springs than stock giving better road feedback under aggressive cornering. The height adjustable coil-overs allow us to give the Integra the aggressive stance we were searching for. Keeping the Integra secured to the tarmac are lightweight Buddy Club six-spoke wheels. Each 16-inch cast wheel tips the scale at a tad over 16 pounds and comes in three eye-catching colors (white, gun metal and matte black finish). The Azenis gumballs provide the necessary adhesion to the asphalt. The aggressive tread pattern and sticky compound gives the Acura the necessary grip it needs to tear up the road.

Keeping the driver firmly in place is a Buddy Club Racing Spec bucket seat. The fiberglass bucket seat is considerably lighter than the factory recliner and keeps the driver from shifting around under hard cornering. To fit the Buddy Club seat onto the factory location we used a set of Bride FG sliders.

AEM/DC Sports Falken
Rancho Cucamonga
Bride Skunk2