Gadiel was not satisfied with STi aftermarket turbo kits available at the time so he designed his own setup which utilizes a special-trim GT35R turbo and HKS 50mm wastegate. The intercooler is an off-the-shelf Precision Turbo & Engine core which Gadiel custom mounted by fabricating his own end tanks and mounting tabs.

A simple fuel system consisting of twin Bosch fuel pumps, Weldon fuel pressure regulator and a trick Perrin billet fuel rail generates the volume to support big power. The system feeds C-16 go-juice to the four Power Enterprises 850cc injectors. A Nitrous Express 75-hp wet shot helps spool the turbo and get the car off the line. A custom four-inch exhaust by Keith "Bean" Laforte of TurboTrix Racing and upgraded PWR radiator complete the package.

Gadiel's tuning magic was performed on a totally stock ECU and the TurboXS UTEC engine management system. The Subaru came out swinging. "We hit 10.2 at 140 mph and drove the car one hour each way with radio, A/C, power steering and four people inside on the round trip," says Gadiel. "Real street driving and fast times at the track are how we do things here in Puerto Rico."

The engine has a built bottom end but the number of stock parts still on the EJ25 is amazing. The A/C is fully functional, the cams, transmission, interior and ECU are all stock. The Big Valley STi is a road-going, daily driver that looks like any other modified STi on the road.

One of the stranger aspects of the car is that the stock gearing has been maintained with the large stroker engine, which has a lazy rev limit of 7000 rpm. This requires the car to run through all six forward gears to reach its lofty quarter-mile trap speeds. The driver, Rolly, shifts a Subaru transmission so quickly you can barely hear the engine speed drop. There is no doubt that some of the Big Valley success at the track is attributed to the amazing driving skills of Rolly.

Another member of the Big Valley team is Georgie, of Georgie Performance. He installed all the mechanical hard parts and fabricated the roll cage. I will never forget the first time I saw the Big Valley STi at Georgie Performance in San Juan. Georgie is an old-fashioned mechanic who gets by with a lot of talent and experience in lieu of fancy equipment and a big shop. His facility, jam packed with some of the fastest Subarus in Puerto Rico, consists of a tin-roofed structure with a dirt floor. There is no lift. The sight of the Big Valley car sitting in 1,000 pieces in that primitive facility really stood out in my mind. Much like the tiny, hole-in-the-wall restaurant that has been serving the best food in town for years, Georgie's shop is known as the best Subaru shop in Puerto Rico and is the home of the world's fastest street Subie, the Big Valley STi.

The Big Valley team of Victor, Gadiel, Rolly, Georgie, Jorge and Quirt Crawford are more like a band of brothers than something so official like a race team. Best of friends and a team, these guys conquered the Subaru world on a shoestring budget and did it in a fun and classy way.