We then skip over to Japan's Suzuka circuit for the final round of the 2004 JGTC and to catch up with drivers Manabu Orido, Tsuchiya (Team Advan Supra) and Juichi Wakisaka (Toyota Team Le Mans). Titled "Life in the Fast Lane," the two drivers discuss their quest for victory in the JGTC and all of the ups and downs along the way. JGTC is the highest form of motorsports in Japan, as evidenced by the 40,000 fans that showed up for the event. While we found the interviews a little dry, we drooled over Orido's Advan Porsche. Wanna trade me for my Celica? The highlight was Orido's humbleness when he said that his racing career is a dream come true for an ex-street racer like him.

Afterward we see some good footage of the race as predominantly Supras and NSXs throw elbows on the track. A Best Motoring video is not complete without out Tsuchiya-san in every feature, so as acting Team Director for ARTA (because he is no longer a competitive racer?), we see him giving his drivers strategies and directions for the race.

Last but not least, this DVD features the Ultimate Battle FR versus AWD. This was sadly a weak battle sequence for Best Motoring, which is quite out of step for them. Orido takes his 600-hp Eclipse Ridox Supra up against Tsuchiya in a Yumekobo FD35 and Wakisaka drives the Auto Produce Boss Lancer EVO VIII MR. By running only three cars it limits the action, but mostly this is a disappointing race because there is heavy rain which obviously favors AWD. Thus we don't have a real comparative analysis and with such bad conditions they called off the race. And this makes the final cut onto the DVD?! I know they had already rented the track and lost money, but c'mon! We deserve better. Maybe that is why they titled it "Bonus Battle".

Aside from the last battle featured, this was another quality DVD from Best Motoring. Good footage and narration, an inside peek into Japan's best vehicles, and plenty of racing action will keep everyone entertained. While we respect legends, we may however start yawning if we continue to see Orido and Tsuchiya in every Best Motoring DVD to come. Until then, they are the best import DVD series on the market.

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