Christopher Knox of Gettysburg/Hanover, PA wrote in to tell us about his 2004 Subaru Impreza WRX. Chris modified his Subie with a GReddy blow-off valve, AEM V2 cold air intake, Ractive exhaust, ACT Six Puck Clutch, Extreme Pressure plate and flywheel. The exterior is made pretty by APR carbon fiber canards, Wings West hood louvers, an STI hood scoop/spoiler, APC taillights, and an Erebuni body kit. For added splash there was the addition of custom paint, graphics and bodywork. Rubber to road is handled by 18-inch Falken Torque 5 wheels and Nitto Neo Gen tires. Chris' upcoming plans are to install a front mount intercooler and finish up the interior. He wants to thank Rye's Automotive, O'Dells Custom Paint/Body, and Fletches' Window Tinting.

Lionel de Bollardire of Mauritius Island, a paradise island on the other side of this little planet, sent us some beautiful photos of his Starlet Gianza V. This puppy is 800 kg of Japanese boosted power to the tune of 212 hp. The 4EFTE 1330cc sports a CT12a Hybrid KIT1 Turbo at 1 kg/cm boost. Extra fuel spray is augmented by 330cc injectors, while airflow is aided by a stainless manifold and downpipe, front mount intercooler, and BLITZ air filter. Charged air is then expelled by a Blitz dualdrive BOV in between shifts by the LSD gearbox. TRD wires brighten up the engine bay; while a menagerie of HKS products - an HKS Fuel Cut Defencer, HKS Speed Limiter Defencer, and HKS EVC boost controller - lets him monitor and control all that power. A Blitz boost gauge and an A'PEXi Power Meter provide further driver monitoring capabilities. Bronze 15' TE37 Volk by Rays wheels set this Starlet out from the rest; and handling is enhanced by TRD shocks and springs. To avoid running over any island wildlife, Brembo grooved discs, braided lines, and Pagid brake pads help the Starlet stop in time. Lionel would like to give a shout out to all the tuners on Mauritius.

Melencia Russell of Killeen, Texas shows off her 1990 Civic Hatchback. Melencia says, "I'm a girl so no one expects me to have what I have - a true old school sleeper." In her engine she has a 1997 GSR B18C1 and a SiR B16 tranny. Speed shifting is made easy by an Exedy Stage 2 clutch and a Phantom grip LSD.

Increasing intake flow into the combustion chamber is a BBK intake manifold tag-teamed with a 70 mm throttle body. To reduce intake charge temperature is a Hondata manifold gasket that replaces the factory paper gasket. Not wanting to chance skipping a tooth on the cam gear as the B18C engine spins to redline, Melencia also added a GReddy upgraded timing belt. The real horsepower production was made possible by a custom turbo kit that features a Drag turbo manifold mated to a Turbonetics T4/T3 60-1 turbocharger. Boost pressure is kept in check by a Tial 38 mm external wastegate. Compressed air from the turbocharger is channeled through custom 2.4-inch chrome I/C piping that feeds into a Spearco front mount intercooler. To achieve quicker spool up between shifts, an HKS blow-off valve vents unwanted intake pressure. To ensure that the Civic has plenty of high-octane fuel on tap, a Walboro 190 lph fuel pump keeps the fuel rail primed and ready while a B&M regulator maintains the proper pressure. Ignition upgrades were kept simple with the addition of MSD 8 mm plug wires. A Mugen valve cover and CTR crank pulley finishes off the powerplant.