Since nothing remained of the stock bits out back, those same stock underpinnings would not do up front either. As with most 510s, the front suspension is an amalgam of different JY Datsun parts. Starting with a modified '69 510 crossmember (it has slightly better geometry than the later units), Kevin added '79 810 strut housings and spindles. Using 280ZX hubs, he put together a combination of Stillen cross-drilled rotors meant for a Z31 300ZX, and massive Toyota 4Runner 4-piston calipers. To assist in adjusting ride height, Coleman coil-over sleeves were used; and Eibach 2.5" springs got the nod to stiffen it all up.

Outside the car, modifications were kept to a minimum to retain the classic look of the little Yokohama shoebox. Other than the aforementioned pulled fenders, changes were limited to minor updates like the vintage BRE front "spook". To keep the intercooler out of the way of air coming directly through the custom aluminum radiator, the Starion 'cooler was mounted between the bumper and the spook. As low as the car is, you barely even notice it unless the car is coming up hard in your rearview mirror. The front and rear lights were replaced with their Euro counterparts to help dress things up further. Kevin also replaced the stock "DATSUN" fender badges with brand new JDM "Bluebird" badges. To continue the trend, a rare JDM Bluebird grill and "SSS" grill emblem were also added. To keep it subdued, the 510 was repainted the original Code #019 "Sunshine Yellow."

While the car was driven in this configuration for quite some time, bringing both smiles and accolades to Kevin, he longed for more. The JWT-modified ECU was able to make the car produce over 200hp at the rear wheels, but Kevin knew this was the limiting factor. A call was placed to the good folks at AEM for one of their stand-alone EFI systems. A visit to John Reed at RRev Motorsports had him on his way to being able to tune this beast to achieve its full potential. At the time this was written, nothing more than a baseline tune and 6psi has already created more power than the old set-up. With some extensive dyno tuning, and a streetable 16psi, Kevin and the crew at RRev are confident that 300-330hp at the wheels is not only possible, but very likely. While it was not built to be a show car, it has won its fair share of trophies, generally taking Best of Show everywhere it goes. But Kevin hasn't forgotten what he built this car for: to have a lot of fun on the street.