Since NAMS prefers to map engines using MAF sensors they fitted two high-capacity items to the twin intake of the T88, which sucks air through a set of Airinx air filters. A large-core Trust intercooler and piping sends the compressed charge to a GReddy intake plenum, a trusted and widely used product on high-power RB26s. Providing the engine with all the fuel it needs is a set of 1,000cc/min injectors, which are fed by two large Bosch Motorsport fuel pumps. A 30L ATL racing fuel cell replaces the factory unit and is just about enough to give the car three flat-out laps at Tsukuba. Keeping the engine cool is an ARC front-mounted oil cooler and a special racing NAMS radiator with air separator system.

NAMS sure didn't skip out on good parts when it came to the transmission. The factory Getrag six-speed box was taken off the car and replaced with a Hollinger sequential, which has carefully chosen ratios especially for Tsukuba. An Exedy twin-plate carbon clutch has the job of juggling all that power, not an easy job when we're talking about 750 hp and 75 kgm of torque!

Joining the fully adjustable Quantum suspension kit is a complete set of NAMS suspension links. These offer full adjustability and being fitted with pillow-balls all round, offer unparalleled feel and precision. All bushings have been replaced with either solid metal or harder polyutherane items. Keeping braking performance in check is a set of AP Racing 6-pot front calipers, which bite down on two-piece slotted rotors. The stock Brembo 2-pot calipers have been kept at the rear but have been joined by a larger two-piece rotor to keep rear braking performance balanced. Lightweight SSR Type C wheels were chosen for this project and their looks complete the exterior of the car very nicely. These are wrapped in Dunlop Direzza DL3G semi-slick tires, which come in a choice of different compounds.

The interior of the NAMS GT-R is total race car. Everything that doesn't make the car faster or better to drive has been relegated to the trash. The driver sits in a lightweight carbon Bride bucket seat and grips the Nardi steering wheel. At easy reach for his left hand is the Hollinger's gear lever, which needs some pretty aggressive force to get those cogs to swap. A Logger Meter LCD dash unit offers all the information needed, while the HKS boost gauge lets you know when the turbo begins to spool up - not that you'd need a gauge for this as the wastegate scream would let you and everybody in a five-mile radius know. All various switchgear was moved to the center console where we also find the HKS EVC boost controller.

It's disappointing that we'll no longer see this car at the Tsukuba Lap Battles. Sugihara-san decided it's the right time to retire it and focus on the new GT-R, which he'll receive at the end of the year. So what will become of this 56-second monster? Get out your checkbooks, The car is now up for sale and Sugihara is accepting offers.

Nagisa Auto Motor Sports Bnr34 Skyline GT-R
Power Output: 750PS
Max torque: 75 KGM
HKS 2.8L kit (counterbalanced crank,H-conrods, pistons)
HKS Step 2 camshafts
HKS metal head gasket
Trust T88-33D turbine kit
Trust exhaust manifold
Trust racing external wastegate
GReddy intake plenum
Trust large-core intercooler
ARC oil cooler
NAMS oil catch tank
Trust Airinx air filters x2
Carbon radiator shroud with air scoop
NAMS racing big-core radiator withair separator tank
1,000cc/min injectors
Bosch Motorsport fuel pump x 2
ATL racing fuel cell
Power FC programmable ECU

Exedy twin-plate carbon clutch
Hollinger sequential gearbox

NAMS full pillow-ball suspensionarm set (adjustable)
Quantum racing suspension kit with 17kg/mmfront
springs, 16kg/mm rear springs
Auto Select billet front strut tower bar

AP racing 6-pot front calipers andtwo-piece slotted rotor
Stock rear calipers with larger diametertwo-piece slotted rotor

C-West front bumper
Carbon front canards
M-Speed front wider fenders
M-Speed FRP doors
M-Speed side steps
M-Speed rear overfenders
Daishin rear carbon GT wing
M-Speed carbon hood
M-Speed carbon trunk lid
Craft Square carbon rearview mirrors
NAMS LED rear lights

Custom 18-point welded-in rollcage
Fully spot and seam-welded chassis
Bride carbon racing seat
Sabelt racing harness
Nardi racing steering wheel
Custom lever for Hollinger sequential
Logger Meter LCD dash unit
HKS boost meter
Custom center console
GReddy exhaust temperature gauge
HKS EVC boost controller
A'PEXi Power FC Commander

SSR Type C 10.5x18 +15
Dunlop Direzza DL3G 265/35/18