Dan's "Silent Assassin" Rally Red '03 EVO VIII 9.83 @ 146 mph
Dan's EVO is the original Buschur Racing parts development car and it has only gotten better with age. "I wanted a very fast EVO. One that could not only kill my fast small-block V-8 stuff but handle, stop and still drive on any long trip," Dan says.

They built the EVO using their Stage 3 head and Stage 3 short-block - the same one that powers their eight-second drag EVO that Dan drives. "I wanted the car quieter than most and wasn't willing to remove weight just to have a loud car I no longer liked," Dan says. Every ounce of sound deadening is still in the car. The factory A/C remains, as well as the full factory sound system, safety equipment, door beams and, of course, air bags. "The car is a quiet beast. I can drive it all day long and get over 25 mpg on the highway and still enjoy the radio or a conversation with the family, " Dan says. He also installed two mufflers. "Our standard 3-inch exhaust sounds great but as the turbine housing/wheel gets opened up and a header is added, it gets a bit loud." Now with the BR bullet muffler in the middle of the exhaust and a Magnaflow muffler out back, he says it's very quiet.

The Buschur Racing Stage 3 short-block is fitted with 8.8:1 compression JE pistons, forged Crower con rods and held together with ARP hardware. The rotating assembly was balanced. The block has been honed, decked and deburred and other numerous tricks add to the package.

The Stage 3 head features extensive porting and polishing to enhance flow and has been O-ringed to better contain the high-cylinder pressure that a boosted-up 4G63 can produce. The valvetrain is commanded by Buschur Racing 272-degree cams that actuate 0.5mm over Ferrea stainless steel valves via Ferrea valvesprings, retainers and keepers.

A T67 turbo mounted to a Buschur Racing header supplies pressure. The fuel system is similar to Dave's and engine control is handled by an AEM EMS. "To date the car has run a best of 9.83 at 146.7 mph," Dan says. "This was done just like I drive it running on BFG Drag radials. On the days the weather isn't so nice I drive my other 2003 Rally Red EVO that was a rebuilt wreck. It runs 11.7's at 121 mph on 93 octane and I even drive that one in the winter!"

Dan's EVO won the '06 Mitsu vs. Subaru Shootout and has been a hard charger at numerous regional events. "Other than just turning up the wick a little more and going back to track to try and hit 150mph trap speeds with it I am not planning on doing much else. After all, who needs an EVO faster than 9.8 to drive back and forth to work everyday?"