All the hot air pushes its way into the intercooler courtesy of an AMS GT37R turbo kit. The GT37 is said to spool just slightly later than stock and offer more than 450 whp on 93-octane gas. As in the case of Armando's car, this all changes when using VP Import and a 100-shot of NOS. The true beauty of the turbo is that it allows high horsepower output when needed but remains streetable when Armando isn't out racing, unlike some of its bigger brothers. The big snail exhales through a GReddy Ti exhaust system.

Fueling the monster is a 1,000hp fuel system from AMS. The kit is comprised of dual Walbro 255lph pumps and comes with all stainless lines, an Aeroquip fuel filter and Aeroquip fittings. It's said to support 1,000 hp. RC Engineering 1,200cc injectors pulse out the fuel rammed downline from the dual Walbros.

While the engine was out, the chassis received the supporting goodies that it would need to cope with the newfound horsepower. A Koyo radiator along with Samco radiator hoses was mounted up front, while an HKS DLI12 ignition box found its way to the firewall along with a Moroso Can Cooler.

A Shepherd Stage 2 transmission and transfer case now sit alongside the engine, perched on AMS polyurethane motor mounts, while an AMS scatter shield protects Armando's family jewels in case things go wrong at speed down the 1320. The transmission sends power through Driveshaft Shop's Level 5 (950hp) rear axles and a Tilton Carbon Clutch regulates the chaos.

Armando's EVO is one of many that now uses the lightweight front brake kit developed by AMS and Wilwood. It's designed for drag racers and actually uses smaller than stock rotors and calipers. While road course nuts may see it as sacrilegious, it shaves 32 pounds of unsprung weight from the front suspension.

Inside the cockpit now sits the required Christmas tree of electronics, headed up by a set of Defi gauges and an AEM wideband air/fuel gauge. AEM is also responsible for the fuel management ECU. Being street driven, the EVO still retains niceties like air conditioning and power steering. Kike Trans Shields built the rollcage, parachute and did all of the necessary welding.

We're happy to say that despite the insane engine, the exterior of the EVO has remained tasteful. That's a rarity in these post-The Fast and the Furious days. Most of the body modifications come from APR, including their GT200 wing, carbon-fiber rear diffuser, front air dam and front bumper canards. Ganador Carbon Super mirrors round out the package and a custom paint job from Armando's own body shop set this EVO apart from the crowd.

Armando's EVO is just one of many examples of speed that have come from Puerto Rico. We're sure there'll be many more to come.

Mitsubishi Evo Ix Mr
Power Output: 838 Whp
AMS GT37R Turbo Kit
AMS 1,000hp Fuel System
Aeroquip fittings & Lines
Dual Walbro 255lph fuel pumps
AMS VSR Intake Manifold
AMS Race Intercooler Kit
Dual TiAL BOV Setup
AMS Specs Forged Pistons
AMS Spark Plug Cover
AMS Mini-Battery Kit
AMS Polyurethane Motor Mounts
Pauter Rods
ARP Head & Main Studs
Cometic HD HeadGasket
GSC S1 Cams
Fidanza Exhaust Cam Gear
Koyo Aluminum Radiator
Samco Radiator Hoses
HKS DLI2 Ignition Box
Denso IKH24 Spark Plugs
Moroso Can Cooler
1,200cc RC injectors
Ported & polished head
Dual 12.8 pound Carbon-Fiber
Nitrous Bottles
NOS Nozzles (100 hp)
Peter Port Solenoids
GReddy Titanium Exhaust System

Shepherd Stage 2 Transmission
Shepherd Stage 2 Transfer Case
AMS Scattershield
DriveShaft Shop Level 5 (950 hp)
Rear Axles
Tilton Carbon Clutch

H&R Springs
AMS Bushing Kit

AMS EVO IX Wilwood Lightweight Brake Kit

APR GT-200 Wing
APR Carbon-Fiber Rear Diffuser
APR Carbon-Fiber Front Air Dam
APR Front Bumper Canards
Ganador Carbon Super Mirrors
Garage Armando Custom Paint Job
Parachute & Welding by
Kike Trans Shields

Defi Gauges
AEM Wideband
AEM Fuel management ECU
Kike Trans Shields Rollcage

235/35R18 Toyo T1R
18x8.5 Volk CE28
Drag Racing:
26x9.5R16 Hoosier Quicktime
Mazda RX-7 16x8 twin-turbo wheels

Garage Armando Kike Trans Shields
Techno Tools Machine Shop Carrito.Net
Javier Monroig Predator Performance
ADR Precision Service