Infiniti G35
718 WHP
645 LB-FT Of Torque
Feature White Gold
A Wicked White

Like most of the heavily tuned cars featured in this magazine, building this G35 coupe was quite a labor of love. Owner Michael Wong of Champaign, Ill., devoted the past few years of his life to turning a mild-mannered '05 Infiniti into this monster. Currently capable of belting out 850 hp and holding an award for Hottest Wild Infiniti at the '07 Chicago Hot Import Nights show, this coupe is anything but mild-mannered.

Michael's original plan for simple bolt-on modifications and some extra naturally aspirated power soon proved tiring and financially inefficient, so he decided to up the ante and consider some forced-induction options. He quickly honed in on a system that featured a single Turbonetics 60-1 Hi-Fi turbo and made plans to install it.

Once it was up and running, the turbo setup proved simple and effective. It provided a nice jump to 350 hp and a good helping of extra torque. Immediately, he became addicted to the rise in power and wanted to push the car further. In fact, he decided that he needed to have the first G35 with four-digit horsepower. There were, however, a few things he needed to do before achieving a power gain of that magnitude, so he put those plans on the back burner.

For the time being, Michael was satisfied with his newfound power and chose to show some love to the rest of the car. The first order of business was getting the car to stop with a touch more authority, so on went AP Racing big brake kit. With six-piston front calipers and four-piston rears squeezing 14-inch rotors, this brake package was just the ticket. With this squared away, he turned his attention to the appearance of his ride.

Originally, Michael started with a Top Secret front bumper and some 19-inch Volk GT-V wheels wrapped with wider, lower-profile Toyo T1-R tires. As for the body itself, Auto Werks came to the rescue and suggested a white and gold color scheme. A custom white and gold pearl paint color was chosen and applied, and Kenstyle side skirts and rear bumper were fitted, also sporting the gold accents. The door handles were shaved smooth, and a custom carbon-fiber roof was fitted. Finally, the wheels were powdercoated gold to match the accents, and the brake calipers were changed to black with gold lettering. After a month at the Auto Werks body shop, the stunning G35 rolled out looking incredible and ready to turn heads. After enjoying the car for a few months, he returned it to Auto Werks to have the interior spiffed-up and give the car some flash underhood. The gold accents made their way throughout the engine bay, while the interior received a treatment of both black and white Alcantara.

This layout was good enough for Michael to take home the Hottest Wild Infiniti award at Hot Import Nights. Not a bad first experience for an auto show entry, but Michael decided if he was heading down this road, he'd better make sure to pull out all the stops and do it right. This meant rebuilding the motor from the ground up and shooting for his earlier high-horsepower target. Now it was time to build the monster motor.

After a referral from Auto Werks, Michael got in touch with Greg and Hal at Injected Performance, and they sorted out his performance needs. The Infiniti needed to be usable on pump gas, and Michael hadn't forgotten his dream of 1,000-plus hp. Starting with the block, Injected Performance implemented a 4.15L stroker kit from Brian Crower, which consists of rods, bolts, and crankshaft, while the pistons and rings were supplied by CP Pistons. Injected Performance then went to town on the head and performed their Stage 3 modifications-a full port, polish, and five-angle valve job. Brian Crower stepped up to bat again with their valvetrain and provided their Stage 2 (264mm) camshafts, along with valves, springs, and retainers.