The first outing for the car is planned to be held before the end of the year, which should give Scorch Racing enough time to get the engine finished up and a few shakedown tests done. This Supra is closely followed by Japanese tuning magazines and is in enough limelight to further help promote the newfound popularity of drag racing. All eyes will definitely be on it when it hits the strip.

Custom stainless steel manifold
Blitz K5-700R turbine
Sard external wastegate
Wastegate dump pipes
Custom exhaust system
Custom piping
Custom charge cooler with BlitzType-C core
Custom intake manifold
Large single throttle
JUN Auto cam pulleys
JUN Auto camshafts
Custom radiator with air separator tank
Blitz radiator cap
Oil cooler system
Blitz oil filler cap
NOS system
NOS tank
Trunk-mounted fuel tank
Custom fuel lines
1,000cc/min injectors

Ogura Racing Clutch quad-plate clutch and lightweight flywheel Jerico air shifter

Suspension & Brakes
Sachs SP-7 fully adjustablesuspension kit
Wilwood four-piston front calipers
Ventilated patter-cut front discs (two-piece)

Wheels & Tires
Blitz BRW Profile 08 (metal silver) - front 9x18 +35, rear10x18 +33 (rear) (show setup)
Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 245/40/18 (front), 275/35/18 (rear)

Blitz Aero Speed front bumper
Wide front fenders
Headlight covers
Custom lightweight hood
Blitz Aero Speed side skirts
Blitz Aero Speed lower rear bumper skirts
Blitz Aero Speed rear bumper
GT rear hatch
Lightweight doors
One-off drag speed rear wing
Dry-carbon cover for rear window
Acrylic side windows
Simpson parachute system

Fully prepped and spot-welded chassis
Custom reinforcing plates
Custom welded-in rollcage
Custom dash and center console
Blitz GT1 carbon-Kevlar racingbucket seat
Racing harness
Key's Racing Alcantara racing steering wheel
Blitz Racing Meter ELV boost gauge
Blitz Racing Meter EVL temp gauge
Auto Meter tachometer
Power Meter i-Color Flash
SBC i-Color Spec-R
Relocated Odyssey battery

1,497 WHP
1,101 LB-FT Of Torque
Estimated numbers
1,497 HP
320 HP
1,450 HP
1,000 HP

1,101 LB-FT
315 LB-FT
2,200 LB-FT
1,100 LB-FT

0 350 700 1,050 1,400

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Stock Supra

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