Fuel enrichment is handled by an A-Spec 450R package that includes two 1,680cc primary injectors and clips, top-feed fuel rail, fuel pressure regulator, ACV block-off plate, resistors, fuel pressure gauge, and a high-flow pump. Wayne has added 850cc secondaries to the mix and uses an A'PEXi Power FC to tune the combo. XS Engineering did the honors and dialed in a conservative 380 whp, which is a nice gain considering the FD was originally rated at 255 at the flywheel.

With reliability at the forefront of his project, Wayne upgraded the driveline with ACT products, namely a counterbalanced ACT Streetlite XACT flywheel, ATC strip disc, and a heavy-duty ACT pressure plate.

The RX-7's seductive body lines have been enhanced with a rare Veilside D1 GT body kit that was installed by K&W Autobody. K&W also installed a Sine Auto undertray, a custom bumper plate, and a full fender roll. P.J. Bonifacio did the spray gun honors, laying Porsche 911 metallic gray and smoking the taillights. "The taillight is one of my favorites," Wayne says. "The original taillights were replaced with Altezza-inspired LED units. Since I was never a fan of the Altezza treatment, I had the entire taillight custom smoked just enough so people can't see the chrome surface until the brake light comes on. It looks amazing at night."

Body tuning and stance make the look and Wayne has persevered in this area. Richard Tang of S.I.X. Autoworks bolted on a set TEIN Super Drift coilovers that are fortified for the side loads unleashed in mid-drift. They feature 16-way adjustable damping, pillow-ball mounts, and separate pre-load and ride height adjustability. An evolution of the HE series, the Super Drift are compatible with TEIN EDFC in-car controller. The final piece of the stance puzzle is rolling stock and Wayne's RX-7 hits the target with gold-hued Gram Lights 57 Pro wheels wrapped in Toyo Proxes tires. Beefy four-piston Rotora brakes back the wheels at the corners delivering eye-popping stopping power.

Adding to the already race-ready cockpit, Wayne swapped the factory seats for red Bride buckets, had custom suede door panels fabricated, and dotted the dash with carbon-faced Blitz MD meters, Blitz boost controller, HKS turbo timer, and A'PEXi Power FC Commander. MacCar Stereo finished the cabin off with a trick audio install.

On the road, Wayne says his FD is absolutely amazing. "When I'm in my car nothing else matters. Not only is it a chick magnet, it catches attention just about everywhere I go. The car is really easy to drive. The power is just right-not too much, but enough to scare people away-and the rotary delivery is so smooth.The damping is adjustable through EDFC.It's comfortable to drive on the street but with one touch, it can turn into the meanest machine in the canyons."

The FD is a key component in Wayne's life but things got off to a shaky start. "It started giving me tickets before I even got it back from the shop.The car was cited for no front plate, modified exhaust, too low, and tinted windows, just sitting out in the shop's parking lot." It's all good now, and Wayne may tinker with the interior a bit, but for the most part this Mazda is ready to prowl the open road