With such a well-rounded car the only thing that needs attention now is the engine. From the onset the idea was to create the most responsive setup possible, focusing on immediate throttle response at any rpm and a broad explosive midrange torque curve. The recently released HKS 2.3L stroker kit seemed to be the perfect base to begin a build of this nature with the extra 300cc giving more potential for low rpm spool up and strong midrange. After Unlimited Works prepared the block they dropped in the fully counterweighted crankshaft, the H-section connecting rods, and the forged pistons. To add even more strength into the equation some JUN conrod bolts were thrown in along with JUN crank bolts. A lot of work went into the preparation of the head, and many days were spent on the workbench getting polished, ported, and finely tuned to accept the new head components, which include JUN titanium valve retainers and valvesprings, some JUN head bolts, and an HKS metal head gasket. The JUN 272-degree duration camshafts are a perfect choice for this setup, allowing the engine to develop a peak of 55 kgm. Attached to the Unlimited Works exhaust manifold is an Evo IX turbine that's been ported around the flanges for optimal flow as well as the use of a special wastegate actuator. This allows the 4G63 to push out 430 ps at a relatively conservative 1.5-bars of boost. The exhaust system begins with a J-Speed turbo outlet and finishes off with a 90mm titanium exhaust from Unlimited Works. On the intake side of things a custom airbox was made up and is fed cold air from the front bumper side intake. The custom piping kit then takes the compressed air to the HKS intercooler and then onto the Altrack intake manifold through the big diameter Unlimited Works throttle. Keeping the engine topped up in the fuel department are the 800cc/min injectors fed by the Tomei fuel rail. Engine control is through an HKS F-Con V Pro mapped by Cyber Evo for optimal response and midrange torque. In the cooling department a Tabata aluminium radiator is used along with an air-separator system. The Altrack bigger capacity water pump has been thrown in for safety while the Cusco oil catch tank collects nasty oil vapors from the crankcase. As a signature, the 4G63 magnesium alloy cam covers have been painted in Unlimited Works Orange, just like in the Cyber Evo. On the transmission side of things, an Exedy twin plate clutch allows every last kgm of torque to be sent efficiently to the stock transmission while the Cusco one-way front differential helps get on the throttle early when powering out of corners.

Open the driver's door and you are faced with some of the best parts that are currently available on the market. First, we have the Recaro racing bucket seat fitted with a Takata racing harness. The chunky Key!s Racing alcantara steering wheel mounted on the snap-off boss sits in front of the most revered bit of kit on sale today. Of course we're talking about the Defi Super Sports Cluster that's been custom fitted where the original instrumentation used to be. This unit features an analogue boost gauge and 9,000rpm gauge with a large Organic LED display. Here you are able to navigate between four pages of parameters through the small dash-mounted remote control. This unit also doubles as a data logger, writing all the information onto an SD card on the main control unit. Joining this jewel of electronics is the HKS EVC boost controller and the Neko Corporation A/F digital display unit, all arranged around the main dash area. For precautionary reasons the owner has also fitted an Assura GPS radar detector, making sure he is warned in time about upcoming speed traps and speed cameras. A latest-generation Carrozzeria (Pioneer) HD navigation system has been fitted, along with a pop-out LCD touch screen, DVD/CD player, and upgraded Carrozzeria speaker system, which keeps the owner entertained while driving to and from the racetrack. The interior is finished with a Nismo gear knob, a surprising addition in a Lancer Evolution.

The car now performs just like the owner wants, but there is already talk of moving onto a larger turbine because the 430 ps begins to feel like it's not enough. With such a well-built motor, this Evo VIII MR will accept any sized turbine without batting an eyelid, so there is a very good chance it will become even more extreme than it is now.


Engine HKS 2.3L stroker kit (full counter weight crank, H-section conrods, forged pistons) HKS 1.2mm metal head gasket Unlimited Works head port and polishing JUN 272-degree camshafts (in/ex) JUN titanium valve retainers JUN racing valvesprings JUN strengthened head bolts JUN strengthened connecting rod bolts JUN strengthened main crank bolts Unlimited Works exhaust manifold Mitsubishi Evolution IX turbine (custom modified) Cyber Evo uprated turbo actuator J-Speed turbo outlet Unlimited Works 90mm titanium exhaust system Unlimited Works custom intake with sealed off aluminium airbox Unlimited Works custom piping Unlimited Works blow-off valve HKS intercooler Unlimited Works large diameter throttle Altrack custom large capacity intake plenum Big capacity fuel pump Tomei fuel rail Sard 800 cc/min injectors Altrack large capacity water pump Tabata racing radiator Tabata air separator system Billion aluminium power steering reservoir Cusco oil separator tank Grounding system Unlimited Works orange engine cam cover HKS F-Con V Pro tuned by Cyber Evo

Transmission Exedy twin-plate clutch and lightweight flywheel Cusco MZ-type RS one-way custom setup diff Cyber Evo custom setup ACD system

Suspension & Brakes Öhlins DFV adjustable suspension kit (Unlimited Works version) Bestex springs 17 kg/mm front, 15 kg/mm rear Mitsubishi Evo X front lower arms Unlimited Works rear toe control arm AP Racing six-pot front calipers AP Racing four-pot rear calipers AP Racing two-piece slotted discs front and rear

Wheels & Tires Yokohama Advan RS 9.5x19 Bridgestone Potenza RE-01R 275/30-19

Exterior Voltex Cyber Evo front bumper, street version Voltex Cyber Evo front under wing spoiler, street version Voltex carbon canards Voltex carbon GT hood Aero Catch hood latches Voltex GT aero fender Voltex side skirts Voltex rear over fenders Voltex rear carbon diffuser Voltex muffler cover Voltex carbon GT-wing type 5V Craft Square carbon mirrors Front and rear towhooks

Interior Recaro Pro Racer bucket driver seat with Recaro seat rail Takata MPH-341 racing harness Key!s Racing alcantara clad steering wheel Snap off boss Custom fitted Defi Super Sports Cluster (9,000rpm turbo version) Neko Corporation AF700 A/F digital gauge HKS EVC boost controller Assura GPS radar detector Nismo shift knob Carrozzeria HD navigation system with pop-out LCD screen and DVD/CD player Carrozzeria speakers all round with front crossover