How Long Before My Next Wax Job?That's the million-dollar question. "How often should I polish or wax my vehicle?" It's not a question of frequency but a question of need. Mothers recommends pre-waxing your vehicle with their cleaner bi-monthly and waxing every 8 to 10 weeks depending on weather conditions and area you most frequently drive through. A darker colored car requires more frequent polishing to keep it looking good. Darker colored cars, which tend to reflect more light than lighter colored cars, require more maintenance. On the flipside, owning a lighter colored car, such as white, does have its set of drawbacks. Light cars show less dirt, leaving owners with a tendency to often neglect polishing because the defects aren't as prevalent to the naked eye. Often, the owner's neglect can lead to a dirty, dull-looking car. In either case, polishing is an important aspect of the waxing and polishing process.

What Type Of Wax Is Best Suited For My Vehicle?"It's not a question of advantage of using one type of wax over another but it basically comes down to personal preference." says Holland. Some people believe that using a carnauba wax leaves a nice velvety smooth look to it, a shiny yet classy look; whereas new synthetic waxes, such as the FX lineup, appears to have a lot more "bling," which can give an owner an option in aesthetic differences-not a case of one better than the other. "We developed the FX lineup with our import market ... in mind," states Burnett.

FX SynWax was developed as a synthetic polymer blend. Unlike a natural carnauba wax, SynWax can be applied and left on for hours at a time, yet still be removed easily and cleanly. Developed as a standalone product, SynWax combines polishing and waxing into one step. This product not only saves precious time but also becomes an added bonus for those who dread the hours spent on waxing in multiple stages.

Periodic paint care can be accomplished by simply using the FX Spray Wax as a wax booster on high-traffic areas such as the front bumper or hood. A quick spray and wipe is all you need to provide added protection until your next detailing date. Depending on your vehicle's paint condition and how anal retentive you are towards your detailing process, a sealer wax can be used as the final stage for your vehicle. There's no such thing as a wrong way to detail your vehicle as long as you follow the basic procedures of a good wash, clay if necessary, and proper waxing using an all-in-one solution such as the SynWax.

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