Toyota Ft-Hs Just Around The Corner?
Most of you probably remember Toyota's FT-HS hybrid sports coupe concept, which many have speculated is the forerunner to the next-generation Supra. While billed as a hybrid, the FT-HS is no limp-wristed treehugger. Its 3.5L V-6 and electric motor delivers 400 hp to the rear wheels and enables the Hybrid Sport to accelerate from 0-60 in around 4 seconds-performance that is more than worthy of the Supra name. Up until now the FT-HS has remained just a concept car, but as we went to print fresh news from Toyota suggested that we may yet see it arrive in production form.

A recent press release from Toyota announced that the automaker will be unveiling two completely new hybrid models at the upcoming Detroit auto show in January alongside the new Prius, with one being badged a Toyota and the other a Lexus. Toyota already has a couple of boring, soulless eco-cars in the Prius and Camry hybrid, so will they finally be adding some zing to their petrol-electric range with the new car? Honda's already getting in on the hybrid sports car game with their CR-Z and Nissan has expressed interest in a fuel-sipping sportster of their own, so hopefully the world's largest automaker will follow suit in Detroit.

Mazda Gets Generous, Extends Rx-8
Engine Warranty To Eight Years
All you rotor fiends out there are probably sick of hearing people describe your beloved rotary engine as troublesome, unreliable, and difficult to maintain. Mazda, too, is a big fan of the ol' spinning triangle, and to silence the critics they've decided to extend the engine warranties for all North American RX-8s to eight years or 100,000 miles.

It's a tremendous vote of confidence from Mazda, the brand that without a doubt helped popularize the Wankel rotary as a high-performance engine since introducing it to its model lineup back in 1965 with the Cosmo Sport. The extension is retroactive too, meaning that not only do new owners benefit from the huge warranty, but existing owners also gain this extra cover.

Not having to worry about your engine blowing up for the better part of a decade sure is comforting, and no doubt Mazda will be able to snare a few more RX-8 customers with this very enticing carrot. Unfortunately, those of you who have managed to bolt a turbo or supercharger to your Renesis will miss out, as modifications automatically void the warranty. Then again, when did we ever really care about warranties, anyway?

HKS Releases Wrx Sti Upgrades
HKS USA announced its new parts lineup for the '08 Subaru WRX STI, with everything from filters to exhaust tips on offer.

If you want to keep your STI on the factory side of things, then HKS has got you covered with its super hybrid air filter, super SQV blow-off valve, Legamax premium rear exhaust and muffler and twin DLI ignition amplifier. For those who want something a little more hard-core, then HKS also offers its sport turbo upgrade, 75mm cat-back racing exhaust system, front-mount intercooler, and Hipermax III coilover suspension.

As we went to press the prices for the turbo, cat-back, intercooler, and coilovers had yet to be announced. However, the blow-off valve will set you back $365, the ignition amplifier $660, and the Legamax rear muffler $1,195, while the low-restriction air filter will cost you a measly $40. Head over to to check out the range.