A quick Q and A session was established before we were carted off to the proving grounds where Goodyear provided three 3 Series BMWs with different sets of tires to showcase how well the new Eagle GT held up against the competition. One vehicle was shod in a set of Kumho rubbers, another used a preproduction tire tread Eagle GT, and the third had their newest version of the GTs. A few hot laps through the autocross configuration setup, complete with a wet condition segment, offered some details into how well the new Eagle GT tires performed against the competition. The tires were noticeably more stable though the wet course area, as my attempts to initiate a full-blown drift were futile thanks in part to the design of the tires. The dry portion of the track enabled the vehicle to enter the corners at a higher rated speed with less noticeable understeer and more bite when entering into the turns, compared to the older Goodyear tires and the BMW sporting its competitors' brand. "The sidewall styling and tread pattern are progressive and youth-influenced," Joey Viselli says, the Goodyear brand director. "These consumers, particularly younger performance drivers, want a tire with styling and handling yet they drive their cars all year long, so all-season capability is a must."

The new Eagle GT completes the Goodyear performance tire lineup, offering an all-season high-performance Eagle at an attractive price, and complementing the brand's three premium ultra high-performance offerings: the Eagle F1 GS-D3.
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