WRX Brake Pros
Brake-Pros, the exclusive North American distributor for AP Racing Brakes, is excited to offer kits for the popular Subaru WRX. The kit features a lightweight, rigid aluminum alloy four-piston caliper available in black or red, Ferodo DS2500 Pads, stainless-steel lines, and cross-drilled and slotted 13-inch rotors. The WRX kit is engineered to dissipate heat efficiently, resist fade and provide excellent pedal feel. CNC-machined aircraft grade 6061 aluminum hats, grade 1018 steel brackets and stainless-steel lines ensure strength, durability and longevity. For more information, contact Brake-Pros at (800) 711-4123.

Eclipse Talon Brake Pros
While the Eclipse and Talons are well known for stellar acceleration, they aren't exactly popular for their stopping distances. Brake-Pros has the answer with AP Racing Brakes. Brake-Pros offers phenomenal prices on systems derived from Formula 1 racecars. Featuring a rigid, lightweight, aluminum alloy four-piston caliper available in race bred black or bright red, and massive cross-drilled and slotted 13-inch rotors, the system dissipates heat quickly, reducing fade and increasing late-braking confidence. For more information, contact Brake-Pros, (800) 711-4123.

Supra Brake Pros
Brake Pros Mark IV Supra AP Racing Brake upgrade is a true race-derived system featuring lightweight, six-piston calipers made of rigid aluminum alloy available in black or red, massive 13.5-inch cross-drilled and slotted rotors, Pagid Pads and stainless-steel brake lines. The kit provides positive pedal feel, excellent heat dissipation and superior fade resistance, even in the most demanding situations. AP Racing Brakes utilize the latest braking technology available while offering larger surface areas than other systems costing much more. For more information, contact Brake-Pros at (800) 711-4123.