J-Body Braking Solutions
It happens all the time; you see a Cavalier or Sunfire rolling on some eye-catching 17-inch or bigger wheels. Then you notice the itty-bitty stock brakes peeking through the wheel spokes.

Stainless Steel Brakes Corp. (SSBC) has the answer: Force 10 Brake upgrade kits for 1995 to 2002 Cavaliers and Sunfires. The kit includes lightweight disc brake calipers with massive rotors for serious braking power and minimal unsprung weight. The front kit consists of dual-piston aircraft-quality aluminum calipers, specially modified spindles and huge 13-inch rotors. The rear disc conversion kit (not shown) has beefy 12-inch rotors and single-piston alloy steel or aluminum (optional) calipers with integrated parking brakes.

Optional Xtra-Life rotor plating resists corrosion within the vents and on non-swept areas for long-lasting good looks and maximum cooling. 17-inch or larger wheels are required for clearance, and the kits include braided stainless-steel flex lines, performance pads and all mounting brackets and hardware needed for an easy installation.

Choose the standard clear anodized calipers or have them powdercoated glossy black, bright red or one of the other optional colors for your Cavalier or Sunfire.

For more information, contact Stainless Steel Brakes Corp, 11470 Main Road, Clarence, NY 14031, (800) 448-7722 or (716) 759-8666.

Braking Eclipse
Engine upgrades may improve your acceleration and top speed, but nothing improves seat-of-the-pants performance in the curves like trimming unsprung weight and boosting braking performance. Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation's Force-10 front upgrade kits for the 1995 through '01 Mitsubishi Eclipse will give you the confidence to run hard and run long.

There are several SSBC kits available, depending on how much clearance you have inside your wheels and the level of braking performance you want. If you run a 16-inch wheel, choose the two-piston Force-10 Super-Twin caliper with 12-inch rotor. If you have 17-inch or larger wheels, use the same caliper with massive 13-inch rotors. Or if you've got a ton of space inside your rolling stock and want face-against-the-windshield braking, take the big 13-inch rotors and bolt in a pair of four-piston Force-10 Extreme calipers (kit shown).

All Force-10 calipers are constructed of aircraft-quality aluminum, CNC machined and then assembled using stainless-steel hardware. The calipers come loaded with lightweight stainless-steel pistons for minimal heat transfer to the brake fluid, which is important for resisting brake fade. The rotors feature SSBC's staggered vane design for improved airflow, as well as progressive slotting for improved pad cleaning without compromising the integrity of the disc.

Throw in high-performance pads, corrosion-resistant Xtra-Life plating on the rotors and optional bright red, yellow, or glossy black powdercoating on the calipers, and your Eclipse will look just as good as it stops!

For more information, contact Stainless Steel Brakes Corp, 11470 Main Road, Clarence, NY 14031, (800) 448-7722 or (716) 759-8666.

Force 10 For Honda/Acura
If you had to rate sport compact cars on pure bang- for-the-buck performance, the Acura Integra and Honda Civic would probably top the list. These cars are impressive in stock form, but really come alive with modest upgrades like sticky tires, race-oriented suspension and bigger brakes.

Stainless Steel Brakes Corp. (SSBC) has what it takes to control these high-revving machines: the Force 10 Super Twin front brake system for '90-'01 Acura Integras and '92-'01 Honda Civics. The kits include lightweight, aircraft-quality aluminum calipers for minimal unsprung weight, each loaded with two beefy stainless-steel pistons for long life and minimal heat transfer to the brake fluid. Huge 13-inch (requires 18-inch wheels minimum) or 12-inch (requires 16-inch minimum) vented, slotted and plated rotors run cool during punishing use.