FAL Flexite Kit Applications List

Full Production1992-'95 Honda Civic HB1988- '91 Honda CRX

Near Production1992- '95 Honda Civic 2-dr coupe
1996- '99 Honda Civic HB
1996- '99 Honda Civic 2-dr coupe
1990- '93 Acura Integra 2-dr coupe
1994- '99 Acura Integra 2-dr coupe

The first step is to remove the weather-stripping on the stock glass.

With a little prying, the glass should come out easily.

After cleaning the window frame, it should be re-caulked with adhesive.

The original weather stripping is fitted to the FAL Flexite insert and the Flexite is then positioned in the window frame.

Pressure is applied around the window. The window is taped in place to ensure the adhesive has a good hold.