Next up was the funny fog. After a proper cooling down period, the XS Engineering Dynojet was once again brought to life. On the bottle, the Maxima generated 220.1 hp. The graph seemed a bit choppy and we surmised that a fresh set of plugs would smooth the graph and maybe add a pony or two. We were hoping for more power from the kit and KG's Kurt Gordon was quick to point to the fuel pump, not the kit, as the likely culprit. In Kurt's experience, Nissan fuel pumps max out at 60 psi, while others, like Hondas, flow willingly to 80 psi and beyond. We contemplated adding a Kenne Bell Boost-A-Pump, but logistics and scheduling kept us from venturing down that road.

On the road, the Maxima felt like it had a gust of extra wind in its sails when the nitrous system was activated. While not a racer by any stretch, when on the bottle, the car passed traffic briskly; the V6 proved to have an appetite for nitrous. Our next installment of Project Maxima will wrap up the series of articles, as we plan to outline some of the other, more extreme, possibilities for power hungry Maxima pilots. Stay tuned.