Wings West and Hella should be rewarded, as many of the staffers at Turbo are now eating crow over the styling potential of the Ford Focus. Our Blue Oval has what it takes to stay alive and thrive in a world full of body-tuned Civics, Integras and Diamond Stars. With most of the cosmetics out of the way, we can now concentrate on making more horsepower. In our next installment of Project Focus, we will add a Kenne Bell Boost-A-Pump, Crower cams and a Venom nitrous kit to extract a few extra ponies while Crower and JE finalize the fortification on our second motor. Stay tuned.

Although the Axis Sport Tuning 18-inch Se7en wheels and Nitto tires helped Project Focus look like a champ, we felt that the car's bodylines could be further enhanced with a body kit.

Since there is no factory wing on a Focus hatchback, this aftermarket Wings West offering gave the car a unique look. The Wings West unit is a three-piece proposition and requires drilling holes into the hatch for installation.

Side skirts require removal of the factory unit and the addition of a 90-degree aluminum bracket to bolt the new skirt in place.

These Hella light pods were originally designed for the European Focus, but since there isn't a major physical difference between a U.S.-spec and Euro-spec Focus, we decided to give ours a pair of new Hella colored contacts.

Removing the front headlight requires unbolting one pop tab and three 10mm bolts. With all bolts and pop tabs removed, the light harness is unplugged from the light.

The Hella light pods plug directly into the factory harness, which makes wiring as easy as plugging a toaster into a wall socket. Beam adjustment is necessary once the pods are mounted to the car.

Before (driver side) and after (passenger side)-Hella yeah!