Turbo TA60V
Compressor Wheel Garrett T04B 60-1
Compressor Housing .60 A/R
Turbine Wheel Garrett 71mm (10 blade)
Turbine Housing .63 A/R
Flow (cu.ft/min) *655-946
Peak Efficiency *68,000-90,000 wheel rpm
Optional Housings Compressor .50 A/R, Turbine .82, .85 A/R
Price $785

These numbers represent the peak efficiency island of a compressor map graph. The volume of exhaust gases present (read the size of the engine the turbo is used on) will ultimately determine the actual flow of the turbo.

Since we are running a Terry Houston downpipe, Craig honed the wastegate signal port to 1 inch to increase performance. If a stock elbow were to be used, the signal port would have been enlarged to .930 inches. Once ported, Craig contoured the inside of the port for increased flow.

Boneyard Buick's new TA60V turbo incorporates a Garrett T04B compressor side with a 60-1 trim 60mm compressor wheel in a .60 A/R housing. The hot side runs a newer 71mm Garrett turbine wheel that has 10 blades. This is less than comparable to T04 turbine wheels which have 11 blades.

The intake mounting flange is configured for 1986-'87 Turbo Regals. This design keeps the factory look of the turbo system.

The turbo's integral plunger-style wastegate runs an adjustable shaft. The threaded shaft can be adjusted to add or subtract boost pressure. However, we intend to manipulate boost with the ECU.