A jumpy, skittish line may indicate an overwhelmed ignition system or fuel enrichment problems. As the stakes rise, it would be wise to use a dyno with air/fuel ratio readout capabilities. Competent tuners know what ratios are safe for the type of engine and level of modification of the engine. For anything short of forced induction, it's unlikely you'll see a jumpy power curve.

The key here is to have realistic expectations, know your engine's sweet spot and remember to look at the big picture, not just peak output.

Component Biggest HP Gain HP Gain At Peak
1) HotShot Header (vs. Baseline) 9.8@ 6600 7.4
2) Jim Wolf Cams (vs. Header) 9.5@ 5900 5.9
3) Cams & ECU(vs. Header) 11.25@ 6100 7.5
4) All Mods (vs. Baseline) 17.1@ 5700 14.9