There is no particular order in which the cables must attach, but, again, they must be attached together in a series or daisy-chain fashion.

Last, tie up all ground cables with supplied wire ties for a clean and tidy installation.

As we found in our own testing, sometimes altering ground points can affect performance increases. For example, on the S2000, there were minimal gains with a ground point on the head. When we moved the ground point to the ignition coils, we gained a significant amount of power. On other cars, we tried multiple grounding points such as ignition coils, ignition igniters, factory ground unions, etc., to maximize performance.

Ultimately, to maximize performance gains, dyno-testing may be required. However, there was never a loss in horsepower on any of our five tests, regardless of grounding points.

For the tests, we chose three cars that come in relatively common modified trims: 1995 Mazda RX-7, 2002 Honda S2000, and a 2002 Suzuki Aerio. We simply baselined each car, installed the Hyper Ground System, and then made another dyno pull.

Each and every car showed some kind of improvement, some cars more than others. In some cases, we had to change the locations of the grounding points to find maximum performance gains. This was probably because of the cars' relatively mild state of tuning.

Both Sun Auto and XS told us that highly modified cars would see even more significant gains in horsepower, because modified cars generally have a greater demand placed on their electrical systems.

Overall, we were amazed at the power gains these cars generated with the Hyper Ground System.

The Hyper Ground System is one of the best values on the high performance product market. Starting at only $98.50 for the S size (fits most four-cylinder cars), $103.50 for the M size (fits most six-cylinder cars), and $143.50 for the L size (fits larger cars or rear-mounted battery cars), the horsepower-per-dollar factor looks pretty sweet.

2002 Suzuki AerioApex ExhaustCustom Intake

rpm Before After Gain
2500 52.5 52.9 0.5
3000 64.4 64.6 0.2
3500 72.8 72.9 1.1
4000 85.4 86.4 1.0
4500 97.1 98.3 1.2
5000 106.6 109.7 3.1
5500 112.6 116.5 3.9
6000 119.6 120.3 0.7
6500 114.8 116.4 1.6
avg.     1.48