4) Constantly Stuck Between The Top Of First And The Power In SecondThe thing on every WRX owner's mind is the six-speed STi transmission. Yes, this is definitely the best option for some in-between ratios; however, the expense of the transplant is not cost-effective for some of the grassroots racers, nor will it be legal under some series' rules, which require a standard transmission setup.

Changing the gear ratio in the factory box is a very effective way to go about it. There are gear sets available that help to make first gear usable by making it just a little taller, and second gear a little shorter.

5) Transmission Makes Noise During DecelerationThis is a common problem, but technically not a problem at all. It's just a matter of inconsistent factory backlash in the ring-and-pinion gear. Some models do it more than others.

The Subaru dealership can fix the problem, but not with performance in mind. The dealership will replace the 27 -pound flywheel with a heavier model to keep the gearbox loaded, thus eliminating a decelerating noise.

Going the opposite direction with the flywheel weight will not get rid of the noise, nor will it increase it. The lighter flywheel will be noticeable in how quickly the car finds its powerband. Suggestion: Get over the noise. It's not a big deal, and certainly not worth compromising power.

In our research we have come up with a gear set that can take care of most of the rally and road racers complaints. Gimmie Gears & Accessories offers a "Sport" ratio that is most effective across the board.

The taller first gear of the sport ratio tends to fill the first to second void, and when you shift through the rest of the gears, you have a slightly shorter than stock rpm drop (approximately 750 rpm per gear), keeping the WRX in its desired powerband. The gear set has fewer, yet bigger and stronger teeth, offering the necessary strength for even heavily modified WRXs.

We contacted GT Motorsports, in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., about handling the gear install for us. Follow along as we see exactly what it takes to do a performance upgrade inside the 2002 WRX five-speed gearbox.

From GT MotorsportsBased on a well-known video game (Gran Turismo), we visualized a new service concept. This concept provides the customer with the ability to install a wide range of performance parts all at once. These performance parts can be selected and installed in one full sweep, or in stages.

The performance parts are available within today's automotive aftermarket and with the dream of bringing the game to life, Certified Automotive Group, INC(CAG,I) started the wheels rolling.

With the game's theories in mind, CAG,I created GT Motorsports, one of four automotive shops that fall under the CAG,I. The four automotive facilities consist of: Certified Auto Care, a full service repair shop, an 11 bay facility with ASE certified technicians. Certified Care Transmission is a full service transmission facility with four bays and three lifts. Under-car Specialists is a full service suspension, alignment, muffler, and tire facility with six lifts. GT Motorsports is a full-service performance shop with an in-house machine shop.

With each shop providing an automotive service specialty, the full gambit of automotive needs are covered. And GT Motorsports' access to the latest in computerized automotive equipment ensures no service or feature is left out.

For example, our wheel balancing equipment will not only balance all four wheels, but can also calculate the correct placement of each wheel for the optimum balance of your vehicle. With the all- wheel dyno, we can provide crucial horsepower data needed in today's competitive environment.

The repair facilities allow you to prep for your upgrades. This is a combination of service and technology.

1st gear 3.454: 1 1st gear 3.00: 1
2nd gear 1.947: 1 2nd gear 2.00: 1
3rd gear 1.366: 1 3rd gear 1.48: 1
4th gear 0.972: 1 4th gear 1.17: 1
5th gear 0.738: 1 5th gear 0.963: 1