Drag Mode
Drag Mode takes it for granted that you will be operating at wide open throttle so the only two tuning parameters are activation rpm and nitrous percentage. Once you hit the programmed engine speed and the hammer is down to the tune of 100 percent, the laughing gas flows. Nitrous ceases only after TPS is less than 100 percent or engine speed falls below the activation point.

Timed Mode
This strategy is similar to Linear Mode but you get all the nitrous programmed in the system when the two tuning parameters, activation rpm and throttle percentage, are met. The user can also program how long the nitrous flows. Not a bad idea; in the heat of battle, you can get carried away, and pistons and valves can cook because of it. Venom doesn't recommend pumping the juice for more than 15 seconds and there should be ample cool-down time between blasts. In fact, 15 seconds is the maximum setting at which the software can be programmed.

The final screen downloads the setting to the VCN-2000 module. If you make changes to the program and don't want to download it, the settings can be saved in the Palm Pilot for later use.

The Venom VCN-2000 is in the high-price range, but its three-headed tuning strategy makes it an ideal choice for traction-challenged front-drive cars and vehicles that will see the strip occasionally. Venom uses the best quality components and puts the power of tuning right in the palm of your hands.

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