Research, design, manufacture, test; research, design, manufacture, test; research, design, manufacture, test. This repetitious process is necessary to develop the highest quality product. For Skunk2, this is a normal way of life. Each and every product Skunk2 produces goes through a rigorous process of researching, designing, manufacturing and testing. Once the product meets the company's very strict standards it is then, and only then, that the product will be given the go-ahead for production. This commitment to quality is why Skunk2 products are used in high-powered street and race cars throughout the world.

When it comes to designing new camshafts for the K20A engine hundreds of hours of research and development are performed before any product is even tested on Skunk2's in-house DTS engine dyno.

We paid a visit to Skunk2 to check out the company's camshaft testing procedure. The engine on the DTS dyno was completely stock with the exception of a 3-inch intake, Skunk2 race header and Hondata S200 engine management. The combination was good for 244.49 horsepower and 182.14 lb-ft of torque at the flywheel.

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