Like any other electronic boost controller worth anything, the PBC-1 also has a scramble boost feature, meaning users can switch between multiple target boost settings - including ramp, gain and duty cycle for each stage - via an external momentary switch. Six stages, one switch. The switch can be located anywhere from a clutch pedal for hands-free, gear-based boost changes, to a shift knob. World's electronic boost controller also features a simple yet effective boost data logger built in to the controller. Press the control-mounted record button and up to 20 seconds of boost and time data can be stored within the controller for playback. This can be an especially useful feature for diagnosing sudden boost dips and spikes if you don't have access to expensive data logging equipment.

Most of the time, there's little to differentiate one electronic boost controller from the next besides price, colors and buttons. But the PBC-1 has a few features that help it stand out. We think its best feature is just how intuitive it is when it comes to learning the wastegate's spring pressure. We were impressed with how little tuning we needed to do to get boost stabilized where we wanted it. In total, we logged in roughly a dozen passes to get it all dialed in. Tuning time was also cut down, in part, because of the controller's built-in boost logging function. This allowed us to avoid the usual 80 mph boost gauge read and instead view our results safely pulled off to the side of the road. Try doing that with your Home Depot shut-off valve.