For Your 240Nissan L-series builders used the popular Nissan Competition "Euro" damper for years but now that it's no longer available, Professional Products has come to the rescue. The new PowerForce and PowerForce+Plus dampers for the Nissan L-series have the same dimensions as the "Euro" dampers but use a higher-grade metal for improved performance. PowerForce dampers are manufactured from nodular iron for incredible durability and value. SFI-spec racing approved PowerForce+Plus dampers are made from 1045 steel, and feature a tough elastomer for superior damping characteristics.Professional Products / 323.779.2020

Pressures OnBDL Industries' new XL-151R billet remote-mount fuel pressure regulator stands out with its revolutionary CNC billet design. Developed for high horsepower and EFI applications, it's adjustable from 25 psi to maximum fuel pump capacity. The fabric reinforced diaphragm, has an A+ rating with gasoline and alcohol, with a burst rate of approximately 300 psi. It has a 1/8" port for vacuum or boost for turbo applications, and fuel pressure is referenced at a 1:1 ratio. It's available in three sizes: Street, Pro Street and Drag.BDL Industries / 714.685.3331

Control That Boost, BoyThe Cravenspeed Boost Controller is brand spanking new. It's unique in that it's easily adjustable and doesn't twist the hoses when it's being adjusted. The fine threads on the adjusting screw make very small adjustments easy. It also has a lightweight ceramic ball for fast reaction time. The universal Boost Controller retails for $89.98.Cravenspeed / 888.493.7262

WRX Clutch HoldClutch Masters introduces their new kits for the '02-'05 2.0L Subaru WRX. The upgraded clutch is 242mm in diameter compared to 228mm at the OEM diameter. They've increased clamp load by 85 percent - almost twice the OEM unit - to 2,600 pounds. The new oversized kit comes complete with a new Billet Aluminum Flywheel that brings the unit weight down to 27 pounds, 25-percent lighter than the OEM unit. Three stages are available to choose from with a torque capacity of 360 lb-ft to 500 lb-ft.Clutch Masters / 909.877.6800

I Need SpaceIchiba USA wheel spacers are made from aluminum/magnesium alloy and are incredibly strong and very lightweight. These hubcentirc spacers are specifically made for each vehicle and fit onto your vehicle's original hub perfectly without any gaps. Wheel spacers move the wheel out from the hub, effectively widening the stance of the vehicle and lowering its roll center. This simple modification increases lateral stability, which in turn provides improved handling and greater safety.Ichiba USA / 626.330.8675

Evos Hang ToughThe Full Blown dual Walbro pump hanger was designed to house two pumps since a lot of Evo guys max out their single pumps. It comes complete with everything you need to install two Walbro in-tank pumps into the Mitsubishi Evo 8 and 9's without hacking the stock unit. It features a billet top design and is made out of CNC aluminum. It's available in raw aluminum or purple anodized, which helps protect it from ethanol [E85], since ethanol corrodes aluminum. This setup is enough to fuel an Evo up to 1,000 hp.Full Blown Motorsports / 952.830.1399